Essay on W. Weatherford, J. Stephenson, L. Shinn: Whom Shall Berea Serve?

Essay on W. Weatherford, J. Stephenson, L. Shinn: Whom Shall Berea Serve?

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In the inaugural addresses of Willis Weatherford, John Stephenson, and Larry Shinn, the sixth, seventh, and eight presidents, the ethos of these three men is examined. Within these addresses, each president states what they feel are the most important aspects at Berea College. In the approaching paragraphs, the three of five aspects found to be most important will be defined: race, region, religion, gender, and class.
Willis Duke Weatherford, the sixth president of Berea College, began quickly in his inaugural address that the ideals of Berea should be carried forward and made larger in the future. He dedicated these ideals to all Bereans: academic quality, education for Appalachian youth, interracial education, the dignity of labor, and the moral and spiritual growth of youth for Christian service. Weatherford discussed that there should be clear objectives for a liberal arts college. He stated that his first main objective is to offer an education adapted to the needs of a changing Appalachia. Weatherford discussed that some felt that Berea should follow in the “mainstream of American higher education” but if this meant dropping Berea’s commitment, service to students in special need, and spiritual growth then he was not willing to go “mainstream”. Weatherford stated,” But I am not content with the single criterion of need--- not when we are running a college to train tomorrow’s leaders--- we should continue and even raise our standards of ability required of entering students. (2)” Weatherford also stressed that providing finding and offering African Americans an education was important and that it should continue to prepare all students for leadership. Weatherford’s second objective was to emphasize education for leadership....

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...enge of deep-learning was one all of those in Berea should engage in (1-6).
Each president, within their inaugural address, gave three clear aspects that they believed were most important in students at Berea College. In Weatherford’s address, the three aspects most important to him were region, race, and religion. In the address of Stephenson, he found class, religion, and region to be the three most important aspects. Shinn found religion, region, and race to be the three most important aspects. Each of these presidents was very firm in their beliefs and gave aspects that were clearly acknowledged.

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