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1864 words

Review of Portrait of America
During the process of reading this compilation of works, Portrait of America, many different point of views were aired. The opinion or attitude on the subject was too tainted. The authors were very biased to their perception of the "story". This book could have been much more beneficial if the facts would have stayed to the straight and narrow. Only the detrimental facts needed to be applied to these chapters. For a history class, as broad as this, this book opened too many doors that could not be explained in as much detail as would be liked. Many of the authors enjoyed mentioning the most scandalous moments of the people's lives then dropped the fact without much support …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how portrait of america was teasing in nature, but the chapters flowed well and were easy to read. the civil rights movement and former presidents were discussed.
  • Explains that the civil rights movement started when the black slaves arrived in america centuries ago. dr. king jr. was a vital figurehead to this movement.
  • Analyzes how the chapter 'african americans and the quest for civil rights' discusses the disfranchisement of blacks.
  • Analyzes how 1865: beautiful, cruel year of transition in the black struggle is a chapter that could be more enjoyed than some of the other chapters in this book.
  • Analyzes how portrait of america explores the history of american presidents.
  • Analyzes how the article, "trapped: lyndon johnson and the nightmare of vietnam", was interesting and boring.
  • Concludes that portrait of america is a crossroads. some people have massively different comforbility levels on learning subjects, while others need depth and details to make something quit lingering in their head.

A man can give his life to the nation to better their lives, and in return all America ever does is look for weakness to criticize. The country is so threatened by insecurity that the immediately attack something that has been nothing but wonderful to them. There was also a blurb in this chapter on the attempt of suicide at age twelve. In what way does this give an insight to his life other than the fact that he was a compassionate child that could not weigh consequences? This small undescribed incident leaves much to be considered. Was Jr. of the mental capacity and state of mind to be a leader? Is this why he cheated on his wife? Or is this the lamenting of a normal child who has been instilled with the fear of God because of a very religious upbringing? If so how was a suicide attempt even contemplated at all? These questions and many more like these are the kind of answers that can be answered in a novel, not excerpt from novels or large biographical works. Although the civil rights movement is a very known about topic there are several numbers, percentages, and facts that are made available in the chapters dealing with blacks. In the chapter "African Americans and the Quest for Civil Rights" there

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