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  • The Benefits of a Liberal Arts College

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    right college depends on how one defines this term. The textbook definition of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. So then the question becomes, what is the purpose of higher education? Is it to prepare us for one specific career? Or is it for us to receive a more vast and worldly education with which we can find both our passion and infinite opportunities? The first option can be found at any large career-oriented university. The second can be found at a liberal arts college. In fact

  • The Importance Of Liberal Arts Classs In College

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    People go to college for many reasons, such as getting a higher education, getting more job opportunities or to earn more money. but, college provides more than just that. College can help expand your understanding of the community as well as with the world. According to Melissa McCreery College’s mission is “to graduate students with integrity and a broad worldwide who will positively impact the planet and contribute to society.” College does this by providing a wide range of Liberal Arts classes. Which

  • Colleges Are Moving Away From Liberal Arts

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    Prompt: defend or refute that colleges are moving away from liberal arts Imagine a cardiovascular surgeon about to crack the sternum of a dying patient; tension is high while the clock of life ticks desperately slower and softer for the poor soul on the cold steel table that saw death the hour before. Is it logical that at that moment the purveyor of life is contemplating whether his freshmen philosophy class back at SMU has thoroughly prepared him for what he is about to do? Not likely. In higher

  • College Facilites for Division III Athletics

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    it’s been put to question if there is an “arms race” to who can build the biggest and best facilities. In division I there has been almost 15 billion dollars spent on new facilities since 2000. From 2002-2008 50 brand new facilities were built on college campuses throughout the NCAA with thirteen of them being in division III. All of which cost more then 20 million dollars to the school. These small, mostly private schools are spending millions on Football fields, Gyms, indoor and outdoor tracks

  • The Greed for Money in Higher Education

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    the policy commission board. In the column of your highest rank, as a senior college student, I will be mentioning some problems and most important crisis that today’s higher education is facing. Hundreds and thousands of books have been published and going to be published in the future that shed light on the crisis of higher education, but did any of these books change the higher education the way we look today? College is as old as this country is, and been around for about centuries now, and the

  • Transitioning AP U.S. History to an American Studies Program

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    assignment, and offer encouragement. While some emerge from the meeting a bit disheveled, most are confident, buoyed by the fact that they have demonstrated the requisite talents to take the plunge into a course that is supposed to be the equivalent of a college level course. Fast forward to the first day of classes, and the tensions quickly mount. The many thoughts occupying students’ minds include: “Oh my goodness! What did I sign up for? How am I supposed to read thirty pages of text in one week?

  • Corpus&Exeter

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    Corpus Christi sets out to attract only the most talented and driven students, regardless of social background or origin, and, as a result, has an enviable academic record. Corpus was one of the first Oxford colleges to enforce an open competitive recruitment policy. It is one of the smallest colleges in the university with around 98 postgraduates and 252 undergraduates. A compact ground plan creates a strong sense of identity offering a supportive and close-knit community. There are slightly more male

  • Book Review: Grade Inflation Gone Wild By Stuart Rojstaczer

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    He talks about the experience when he was sitting with the student union of a small liberal arts college when he noticed a graph of the history of grades on a newspaper that sparked his interest. Being a scientist and his love of numbers, Rojstaczer decided to investigate the inflation of grades. The first six paragraphs are well written and informative

  • Why I Want to Attend Westmont College

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    Westmont College Westmont College is a small, liberal arts college located in the beautiful Santa Barbara, California. The college only offers bachelor’s degrees. Westmont is a standard four year college. They are nondenominational and encourage their students to live out a Christian life. They supply Christian-based studies. An interesting fact is that 78% of financial needs are met! Serious crime (per 1000 students per year) is a shocking 17.06, drug or weapon incidents are 2.22, and alcohol encounters

  • Academic Journey And Social Life

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    horizon We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we 're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. - Walt Disney For me, College is the portal to self exploration and discovery. Many students are uncertain college is going to help them succeed, which is quite reasonable. As a community college student, it has often been difficult to find stability between my academic journey and social life. I have realized that balancing my priorities can be particularly