Higher Education Opinions

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How imperative is it that one pursues a traditional college experience? Although it might appear that Charles Murray and Liz Addison are in agreement that the traditional college experience is not necessary for everyone, Addison provides a more convincing argument that higher education is necessary in some form. This is seen through Addison’s arguments that college is essential to growing up, that education is proportional to the life one lives, and that community college reinvents the traditional college experience. Not only does Addison have her own opinions about college, but Murray does as well. Murray believes that students should receive a liberal education, yet they should not have to wait until college to do so (Murray 225). Murray states that a person should not be forced to obtain a college-level liberal education, simply because they are capable of doing so (Murray 228). On higher education, Murray says, “A large proportion of people who are theoretically able to absorb a liberal education have no interest in doing so.” (Murray 228). Regardless of the fact that a person fits the criteria enabling them to pursue a college degree, does not necessarily mean that they should, if they are not interested. It is more logical to teach students extensively before the time of college, instead of leaving out information and forcing them to attend a school (Murray 225). However, Addison disagrees with this ideology, and believes that a college education is essential to growing up. It is Addison’s belief that one enters the college experience as a rookie (Addison 213). This theory contradicts Murray’s thought that not every person would benefit from a college-level liberal education. Addison also believes that ... ... middle of paper ... ...accessible for all students. In his article, Murray states, “Employers do not value what the student has learned, just that the student has a degree.” (Murray 233) Similarly, employers often do not value where the degree is from, just that one has been achieved. Thus, community college is the quintessential choice to not only “break the norm” of a B.A., but to aid in financial stability while doing so. Addison’s counterargument strongly disagrees with Murray’s overall argument, that college is not necessary. TOPIC SENTENCE. Liz Addison and Charles Murray agree that traditional college is not necessary, yet Addison provides strong arguments proving that receiving an education through community college is the wisest decision. Addison shows how a community college has the power to create a person, gain new experience, and modify the college experience. CLOSING.
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