Using Qualitative And Quantitative Methods For The Research Design Essay

Using Qualitative And Quantitative Methods For The Research Design Essay

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There is a variety of research designs available for researchers to choose. However, it is essential that researchers choose the most appropriate research design for their study. Consequently, the research design is chosen from three categories of methods that include quantitative, qualitative, and mixed (Creswell, 2014). The purpose of this paper is to formulate two hypothetical research designs using qualitative and quantitative methods for the intended research topic.
Quantitative Method: Survey Research Design
The first hypothetical research design selected is survey research. Survey research is acquiring information about a group of people or multiple groups of people (Leedy & Ormrod, 2013). In addition, survey research is a nonexperimental design that will provide a quantitative description of trends, opinions, or attitudes of a population from studying a sample of that population (Creswell, 2014). Therefore, it is not ethical, practical, or possible to manipulate cases of elder abuse in nursing homes so an experimental design is not chosen for the envisioned research topic. As a result, nonexperimental designs are used when the research variables cannot be manipulated by the researcher (Kraska, 2010). Overall, there are three common nonexperimental designs for the quantitative research method these are the ex post facto design, correlation design, and the survey research design (Kraska, 2010). However, the survey research design seems like it is a better decision for the envisioned research topic. Therefore, the survey research design will query a sample of the nursing home administrators and/or local authorities for organizations located in Jefferson County, Ohio. Consequently, the development of a survey take...

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...nursing homes and what happens is an understudied topic. Consequently, both hypothetical research designs seem to have the potential to discover what happens or does not happen to the nursing homes if abuse and/or neglect cases are found. In addition, both of these hypothetical research designs seems like they have the ability to be completed within an efficient and timely manner. However, it seems that the hardest part will be to decide what research method to pursue whether qualitative or quantitative and what design to chose from whether it is the case study design or the survey research design. After all, the goal of the research is provide valid and reliable study results to enhance the knowledge pertaining to elder abuse in nursing homes and the laws surrounding the consequences received by the nursing homes in order, to protect the vulnerable population.

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