Juvenile Delinquency: Causes and Deterrence

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Juvenile delinquency is committing criminal acts or offenses by a young person, generally involving people under the age of eighteen. That is what this research proposal is about. For my research proposal my research question is what can cause or deter juvenile delinquency in first time offenders? I feel that this is an important question to be asking, because in our society there is too much juvenile delinquency and if we can use this research to figure out what can cause and deter this phenomenon then we could sincerely help a lot of adolescents.
Within this research project I have a few specific research objectives that I would like to look at, the first research objective is to look at certain factors regarding what can cause juvenile delinquency. Then the next objective is to analyze what can possibly deter the youth from getting involved with criminal activity. Another specific objective that I would like to with my research would be a public service. I would be doing a public service by giving the people information on how to help these adolescents have a brighter future.
Now within the rest of this paper you will be finding a few different things getting discussed. Staring it off we will be discussing the articles that we have found to make our arguments and hypotheses. After wrapping up the literature reviews we will be discussing the hypotheses thus continuing onto our variables and indicators. Once we discuss our hypotheses we will be moving onto the research design. The research design will have our general issues, sampling, and methods.
Literature Review
For this research question I set out to find articles that would help or send me in the correct direction for my research. My main goals while trying to find this previous research was to find ones that discuss impacts of crime in the neighborhood on juvenile delinquency, and also the impacts of parent/child interaction and mistreatment. Since I was looking for these two things separate I wasn’t getting anywhere. I then turned my view to both of them and it actually turned out that these two are linked together in almost every juvenile delinquent study. Out of all of the scholarly articles that I had found I have come to the conclusion showing that my articles one through seven have fit into my research question and hypotheses.
Now all of these articles have their own specific goals and information they are trying to find, but they all have two major things in common.

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