Use Of Verbal Communication On A Business Essay

Use Of Verbal Communication On A Business Essay

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2.One of the most frequent uses of verbal communications in a business are those that take place over the phone. Often a phone interaction can be the introduction of a business to a potential client. Potential clients may call to get answers to all types of questions. It may be as simple as what are your hours of operations to something more complex like looking for a price quote on a specialty item. During interactions on a phone employees need to be mindful of many different aspects. Employees need to make sure to make the correct word choice as well as being as grammatically correct as possible. Employees should avoid using slang and business jargon. They also need to be mindful of the person on the other end of the line. If they can tell that the person 's first language may not be English they should make sure to talk slower and use shorter sentences. A strong interaction with an employee on the phone gives a potential customer the confidence they need in a business to choose that business over a competitor.

One of the areas written communications skills can be used the best in a business is responding to customer complaints. This is a highly personalized way to respond to customers when they are having issues with a product or have had a bad customer experience. It also allows for the business to have the cool down period they may need to respond to the claims. It allows for the business to make as many revisions as possible to avoid using emotionally charged language. When addressing customers issue in person or on the phone the employee or manager may have an emotional reaction. As a customer receiving this message it feels like a personal response and that the business took their time to properly add...

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...tion, on say a plan to buy a failing business, to get into the hands of the information and use it to outbid the original company. Additionally individuals are more likely to return a misdelivered letter as unread, then an email.

A third reason to use a business letter because it allows you to be persuasive and deliver

a well thought out message. It is easier to convince others to donate money, buy a product, or take certain actions through a letter. A letter can be used to give more information to support the topic and motivate people to take a desired action. Using bulleted information can point out the information that is the most persuasive and the most important parts of the message. Letter also give the writer time to think about what they are going to say. Letter are easy to edit and sentences can be edited till the desired effect is reached.

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