Essay on Traditional College Education : It Is Necessary

Essay on Traditional College Education : It Is Necessary

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Traditional College Education: It Is Necessary
From a kid coloring pages in a kindergarten to a pupil crafting mini-garden in a primary school, a teenage playing games in middle schools to a high school junior preparing academically for college, our children grow up in the mold of a traditional system. The next stage waiting for most of these children is to get a college degree. As our society develops very fast, many people believe that attending college is not a primary choice anymore for high school students. They can study by themselves at home or choose to learn online. As a W. H. Brady scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, Charles Murray, in his article “Are Too Many People Going to College,” advocates that fewer students should go to colleges because the educational system our society has set up now is not the most proficient one to help students to achieve their goals in an effective way. He develops his argument in a professional manner by using many reasons, as well as vivid examples and details, to persuade students and their parents that “there has to be a better way” than learning in colleges (Murray). Also, in the debate “More Clicks Fewer Bricks: The Lecture Hall Is Obsolete,” Anant Agarwal and Ben Nelson who were for the motion defend online self-learning by saying that the establishment of self-oriented study allows students to control their learning progress. They employ credible evidence and well connect themselves to the topic being debated to convince the audience that with the developments of technology, the Internet enhances students’ learning autonomy. On the other hand, other people argue that traditional college education is more important than people think. In the article “What is College for,” G...

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... to it, all UNLV students should learn professional knowledge, critical and ethical thinking and communication skills, and knowledge of globalizations and diversification. More specifically, students should be able to integrate all the academic knowledge and “develop skills and a desire for lifelong learning” (UNLOs). It requires students to learn academic knowledge, which will help them be successful in their future career. In addition, students should learn some soft skills. such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication (UNLOs). These skills allow a person to engage with others efficiently, think independently, and analyze problems productively. Furthermore, students need to learn “Multicultural Knowledge and Awareness” and “Ethics” (UNLOs). It teaches students to show respect for diversified cultures and make an ethical decision in lifelong time.

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