Why College Is Important To College Essay

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Many People wonder if it i important to have a college education. While some people think it is okay not to have one, others think it is a must. Most people think that “In today’s increasingly global, knowledge-based economy, education has never been more important” (Fact Sheet: Empowering States to Transform the Education Landscape). While college can help a person make more money, have increased opportunities, and find jobs with better benefits, it is also very expensive, time consuming, and risky. For most people college is important because a person who goes to college will potentially make more money. The U.S. Census Bureau shows that “The median person with a bachelor’s degree earns about $48,000 per year, compared with $27,000 for a…show more content…
Many people all around the world can not afford college. Even though scholar ships are offered it is still difficult for some people to pay their way into college. It is also more difficult to get a scholar ship if a person’s grades are not good. To get a good scholar ship a person needs to make A’s and B’s but no lower. In the article “College Costs More Than You Think” it says, “Freshman say they will finish in four years, but most will be paying tuition for five or six years” (Marcus). The longer a person must stay in college, the more expensive it will become. Tuition is not there only thing that is expensive in college. The article also says, “The average added cost of just one extra year at a four-year public university is $63,718 in tuition fees, books, and living expenses” (Marcus). More and more things get added to the list of things a person must pay for in college. Books alone that a student must have are very expensive. “The National Association of College Stores (NACS) says the average college student will spend $655 on textbooks each year, but with a single textbook easily costing s much as $300” (Kingkade). Three hundred dollars for one textbook is what a person with a high school diploma may make in one week. The more text books a person needs the more money they will have to spend. The cost of dorms are also very expensive. A person must pay a down fee for the dorm and then they…show more content…
Most people can find a job in their field, but the amount of people who can not find a job in their field is increasing. “Unequal outcomes from college have always been a fact of life, but there is evidence that the dispersion of outcomes has increased” (Haltom). If a person ha a lower income job, it is not always because they did not have a college education. “1 percent of taxi drivers and roughly 3 percent of bank tellers had a college degree” (Haltom). This shows that even though some people have a college education, they could not find jobs in their field and had to take jobs that they less likely wanted. Haltom also says, “as many as 120,000 of the nations 1.7 million 2012 graduates who wanted to work elsewhere took jobs as waiters, salespeople, cashiers, and the like” (Haltom). More and more people with a college education can not find jobs in their field. The idea of going to college has many cons but it also has many pros. It is very important to get a college education. Although college is expensive, risky, and time consuming, the pros of a college education making more money, having increased opportunities, and finding jobs with better benefits over come all of these things. Having a college education Makes a person feel more stable, comfortable, and less dependent on other people. Even though it is expensive scholarships can be offered and a person will
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