The Importance Of Going To College Essay

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Having a college degree in today’s world is very important because more companies and businesses are requiring that anyone they hire has at least a two-year college degree, which is also known as an Associate 's degree. High school graduates and other people who have had thoughts about going to college should do so because it is getting harder for just a high school graduate to get a job, this is a result of hiring companies and businesses don’t want anyone without a college degree. Having a college degree will open more opportunities for the future. By doing so they further their lives and create a future that they want.
There are many reasons to go to college, it opens up entrepreneurship opportunities, people who go to college get better
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According to studets say they don’t have the money to pay for the costs of going to college, or they do not know what to do with their lives and these types of reasons hinder them in going to college, and most argue that the loans are expensive and delays graduates from saving for retirement. Many also believe that their grades also keeps them from going on to college, and most say that college is a waste of money and time and others say, “College as a stand alone product is just about worthless”, but there these type of options: local, federal, Merit, and corporate options. It is these common reasons that decide for people on whether or not they should go to college, but there is ways that can help those get to college. There are scholarships that will aid with monetary problems as well as financial aid, this money comes from the government and does not have to be paid back so there isn’t any worries about paying student loans that take a long time to pay back. In order to get scholarships and grants your grades do matter. Scholarships may require a certain grade point average, or a certain score on certain college admissions tests such as the ACT or
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