Article Analysis: Is College For Everyone?

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The article I chose to analyze is “Is College for Everyone?” In today’s society, everyone would say that education is the key to success. People would say that a person would not get far without having some form of a degree. In reality, college is just not for everyone. Some people would rather just get a job when they graduate high school. People say that a person might not be able to find a good paying job if a person does not go to college, but in reality there are a lot of jobs out here in the world that make plenty of money. There are a lot of people in college that cannot read. They get to college, and flunk out because it gets too difficult for them to continue. Pharinet, a college professor, explains why college is not for everyone. The purpose of this essay is to convince people that…show more content…
He says that it is hard to get students to learn because they have more freedom than they had when they were in school. Students do not have their parents with them to motivate them. Students are more focused on having fun than they are with learning. If students do not learn then they will struggle when it’s time to actually get a job. The author says that they will exhibit the same lack of motivation in their careers. If students do not go to college to learn, then it will actually be a waste of time and money, and they will not get anything out of their career. Pharinet also goes against what she wrote, she says, “There is no doubt that every person has the right to an education.” Then she says, “But not every person should attend college.” She says that everyone should get an education, but everyone should not attend college. Pharinet contradicts what she said. Pharinet has some good points, but I think she could have given us some more

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