Debunking Myths: The True Benefits of College Education

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Many high school graduates over stress about college because of tuition, how they are going to live on campus, and their academic performance during their high school year. Some think that college costs too much and that they are not many scholarships available, but what they do not acknowledge is that actually experiencing it in person can change their viewpoint on college. While many students are afraid that college will leave them with too much debt, the reality is that attending college with financial aid will help them prepare for the future, gain more knowledge, and understand the benefit of getting a college degree. A lot of people think that students can obtain a high paid job with just high school degree, but that is not the real …show more content…

It is true that there are things that need to be learn in everyday life, but that does not necessarily mean going to college will not advance that knowledge. Not only does attending college advance one’s mind, 69% of college students say it is very useful in helping them grow and mature as a person(Pew). It tells that people who attend college will mature more and have the knowledge of financial means that is being dealt with everyday. When asked why college is important, 39% say it is to help a student grow personally and intellectually(Pew). Obtaining a higher education will weigh on progressing one’s education. The advantage of continuing education is that it will benefit you in the understanding of securing a college degree. Not only will it help one's understanding of a college degree, it will also help them with their jobs that required specific skills. Education helps people do higher-skilled work(Leonhardt). Individual that have obtain a college degree will have more chance of getting a higher paid job, than an individual with just high school diploma. Education seems to make people happier and healthier(Leonhardt). People have a positive mindset on things and they become more mentally

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