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  • The Renaissance In The Renaissance

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    The Renaissance is famous for the artwork created during this period, but a rise of the arts was only one of the factors that helped to make the Renaissance one of the most developed time periods to exist. Starting around 1450 in Florence Italy, it quickly spread throughout Europe. Cities grew larger and economic development increased rapidly. Document Four, by Benedetto Dei states, “We have around thirty thousand estates, owned by nobleman and merchants, citizens and craftsmen…” The document also

  • The Renaissance And The Renaissance

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    The Renaissance, was an amazing cultural movement and the break from the Middle Ages affected every aspect of life. It is often known as the first transition from medieval to modern. The Middle Ages was a time where the church ruled the daily lives of people, and where land was of utmost importance. While events such as plagues and invasion triggered the shift from Middle Ages to Renaissance, the fundamental differences in philosophy such as humanism, secularism, and classicism defined the era, brought

  • The Renaissance And The Renaissance

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    creativity, known as the Renaissance or “rebirth.” Not only did the people of the Renaissance discover and absorb Greek and Roman remnants, they also began to explore the natural world and themselves like never before. Nature was greatly expressed in artwork through its enthusiastic creators who desired to discover and develop. The great innovators of the Renaissance contributed many new characteristics and techniques to sculptures and paintings. Towards the beginning of the Renaissance, the trait and idea

  • The Renaissance Art: The Renaissance And The Renaissance

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    The word renaissance means rebirth in French. Later historians would claim and label era of the renaissance by the rebirth of approach and standards based on in traditional antiquity. The renaissance was from 1420 to 1600 and it was both historical and cultural. Some of the most notable events that occurred during this period was the end of the hundred-year war between England and France, Christopher Columbus heads for the new world, Ottaviano Petrucci publishes the Odhecaton which is the first

  • The Renaissance And The Development Of The Renaissance

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    The periods between 14th and 17th century were marked by a return to classical ideas and culture, known as the Renaissance. The Renaissance or some may say “Rinascita” meaning rebirth, represented a break away from conformist society and culture of the previous medieval Europe to the revival of lost knowledge. This cultural movement, where changes occurred in almost every aspect of intellectualism, we know evoked in the in the heart of Florence, Italy. The unique characteristics of this city enabled

  • The Renaissance: The Ideas Of The Renaissance

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    The Renaissance was a time period that began in the fourteen hundreds up to the seventeen hundreds following the Middle Ages. This new period regenerated interests in the classical past, as well as gave rebirth to a new creative era. A new era that brought forth the ideas of humanism and Neo-Platonism, as well as new techniques in the fields of art and literature. However, the question is, how did all these new ideas and inventions spread throughout the world? First off, unlike the middle Ages,

  • The Renaissance: A Renaissance Man

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    The Renaissance is known for its spectacular art. The Renaissance marks the period of European history at the close of the Middle Ages and the rise of the modern world. It literally means rebirth, and it was just that: a cultural rebirth into a new era. People of the Renaissance began to focus less on simply surviving, and more on intellect and creativity: including art, science and technology. Theatrical productions were no longer solely church material; they became comedic, with more risqué

  • The Renaissance: The Growth Of The Renaissance

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    The Renaissance provided growth in cities, towns, growth in population, and growth in philosophies, giving chances for people to take the power. This provided the spread of ideas. Italy helped found the renaissance because of the different things they did like the city states they had. This also gave chance for growth in families to take the power, like the journey of the Medici family through the renaissance. In this time, the growth in cities and towns was dramatic. After the Black Plague swept

  • The Renaissance: The Birth Of The Renaissance

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    The renaissance commenced the beginning of the world of modernity. This “revolution” was centered in Florence, Italy in the midst of the 14th century. The fathers of the renaissance (known as the humanists) set out to restore the best aspects of Western civilization such as science and technology. The Renaissance symbolized the transition from the medieval dark ages, into a high point in European history. During this time, there was a shift in philosophy, thought and education. The rebirth of technology

  • The Renaissance And The Renaissance Movement

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    word Renaissance in French implies the notion of “rebirth” or “reformation “ This period within the context of history was characterized as the period of European Civilization immediately following the era of the middle ages. This period mostly relates to a large extent, the growth and propagative phenomena of artistic and intellectual erudition, presently used by artistic scholars and philosophers decipher and recover ancient learning as well as standards of Greece and Rome. The Renaissance era to