The Renaissance: The Growth Of The Renaissance

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The Renaissance provided growth in cities, towns, growth in population, and growth in philosophies, giving chances for people to take the power. This provided the spread of ideas. Italy helped found the renaissance because of the different things they did like the city states they had. This also gave chance for growth in families to take the power, like the journey of the Medici family through the renaissance.
In this time, the growth in cities and towns was dramatic. After the Black Plague swept through most of Europe, ½ to ⅓ of the population was killed. This was the time to restart in Europe. The Renaissance gave new hope to lots of people after the Black Plague. There were lots of more job opportunities for people like peasants. The three
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One thing that helped Italy was their geography. Italy’s prime location gave forth to lots of trade. In the time of the Renaissance trade was huge and Italy was a great trading post. Their city states that they made great trading places too and they had civic pride between each other just like the Renaissance. Different groups of people tried to take control of the city states just like in the time of the Renaissance where families tried to take the power of the cities like Florence. Another thing that helped Italy start the renaissance was influence of the church. People started to get angry at the churches and people began to create their own opinions. In Italy they found old classical writings that they combined with people 's opinions applying the work to their time period. Italy changed over time and the spread of this lead to the time of the…show more content…
The Medici family went from in the normal merchant class, to the top of Florence. The first thing they did to work their way up was their wool business. This gave them lots of money and they gained “friends.” One was the future Pope John. He helped them get higher in rank. Then they made the banking system which was a huge boom. This gave Florence a lot of money and saved merchants or travelers from getting shipwrecked or robbed. After this they had tons of money which they willingly sent on tons of art and architecture. This was very important because it added lots of value to the city of Florence. All of this was great but the dome built on Santa Maria del Fiore. This finished by Brunelleschi was a projects that took multiple years but because of the Medici family, it was finished and it raised lots of money for the town of Florence to do things like extra fundraisers or events to help the town even more. The Medici family helped influence and change the Renaissance and made a great run for power in Florence
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