The Renaissance

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The Renaissance which translates roughly as a rebirth and fresh thinking which lasted from the 14th through 17th centuries attempted to reapply the ancient intellectual learning of the Greco-Roman Civilization. The thinkers and artists of this new era differed remarkably from their medieval counterparts. Broadly speaking, Mediaeval period was a period predominantly dominated by Christian outlook. Moreover, All of the Civilizations regarded as ‘Heirs’ of Rome paid significant tribute to their respective religion. Thus, it can be safely concluded that religion and politics were interwoven in Medieval period. The Renaissance, however, represented a dramatic transformation from the Medieval outlook. Secularism humanism and individualism were three aspects of life that appeared in the Renaissance and each of those three aspects had a great impact on the socio-economic and political structure of the era.

During the Renaissance, the concept of individualism emerged. It stressed personality, uniqueness, genius, and full development of one’s capabilities and talents. During the Middle Ages individualism was highly abandoned. Almost any idea deviating from the status quo, largely determined by the Roman Catholic Church, was condemned as heresy. Any body who was accused of proposing individualism will be be excommunicated or killed, However, with the decline of the Middle Ages, the conditions arose for the birth of individualism—the development of which can be traced through the Renaissance

During the renaissance, there was a renewed interest in the arts, and the traditional views of society came into question. People began to explore the power of the human mind. A term often used to describe the increasing interest in the po...

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...atedly throughout history, and though his approach is hardly ethical or realistic, one cannot deny the fact that it has proved to be effective.

As discussed earlier, there were numerous transformation that took place during the Renaissance. The main developments were Individualism, Secularism and Humanism. In fact without such transformations, the world would not stand as we know it today .As a result of these three trends Art was revolutionized. It is important to bear in mind that Classical art by the Greeks and Romans, which also emphasized individualism and perfection of the human body, were a large influence on the artists of the Renaissance period. However, the artist in this era took to a whole new level. Renaissance placed the highest value on self-expression and self fulfillment and to a large extent contribute immensely to the western Civilization.
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