The Renaissance: The Birth Of The Renaissance

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The renaissance commenced the beginning of the world of modernity. This “revolution” was centered in Florence, Italy in the midst of the 14th century. The fathers of the renaissance (known as the humanists) set out to restore the best aspects of Western civilization such as science and technology. The Renaissance symbolized the transition from the medieval dark ages, into a high point in European history. During this time, there was a shift in philosophy, thought and education. The rebirth of technology and science, the age of exploration, the age of individualism and the rise of nationalism and capitalism’s foundation all lie within the period of the Renaissance. The reason why historians call the Renaissance the birth of modernity is evident…show more content…
The biggest invention during this time, and can be argued of all time was the printing press. This invention not only allowed the spread of education, but it allowed it to become more accessible to the lower class. At the time, education was for the higher class and clergymen, who only accounted for roughly 10% of the population. However, with the invention of the printing press, education and books became more available and affordable to those who were in the lower class. The printing press and the spread of books and education caused literacy rates to rise tremendously, as well as an informational revolution. The intellectual fathers of the Renaissance were called humanists, and their job was to restore the best aspects of western civilization. Aspects from civilizations like classical Greece and Rome, which were the top in education and language. At the time, Latin was still the language of the educated. During this time, there were famous authors such as Machiavelli and Dante, who both introduced new philosophies and…show more content…
Advancements in the economy, education, language, art, literature, science, technology, inventions, and entertainment. The Renaissance nurtured some of the world’s most famous artists, inventions, and authors. Because of all these advancements, Europe transitioned from the dark ages into an era that forever will be a high point in European history and will have profound long term and short-term consequences for western
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