The Renaissance And The Renaissance

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The Renaissance, was an amazing cultural movement and the break from the Middle Ages affected every aspect of life. It is often known as the first transition from medieval to modern. The Middle Ages was a time where the church ruled the daily lives of people, and where land was of utmost importance. While events such as plagues and invasion triggered the shift from Middle Ages to Renaissance, the fundamental differences in philosophy such as humanism, secularism, and classicism defined the era, brought back from the Greeks and Romans. Many important aspects of society were thus largely influenced and changed with the new time period. The Renaissance was a time were people began to acknowledge their own needs. The motto of the Middle Ages…show more content…
The study of the Greeks and Romans, was evident here when artist became more realistic because of Neo-Platonist. It was a school of thought that believed that reflection of nature can lead to the ascension of to God. Art evolved from being crude and obvious, to being beautiful and clear. Saints were no longer just bigger, but the art allows them to still be the center. Math was added to the process with people like Alberti and Da Vinci commented on how math gave value to their works of arts. The process to reach the end now mattered, just like how Francesco Guicciardini, paved way for context to matter when evaluating history. This was an exceedingly important change from the Middle Ages. This ultimately made understanding easier and less oppressive. To learn and to fulfilling one’s potential was one of the great humanistic ideal. Many scholars commented on how being learned and well-rounded in all aspects was the ultimate goal. Francios Rabelias believed in the being trained in all area matters from language to science of utmost importance. Pico della Mirandola, talks of the limitless human potential to create and ability to do anything. These humanist reject the folly of the Middle Ages, and through the infinite potential and knowledge, humans can do
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