The Renaissance And The Development Of The Renaissance

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The periods between 14th and 17th century were marked by a return to classical ideas and culture, known as the Renaissance. The Renaissance or some may say “Rinascita” meaning rebirth, represented a break away from conformist society and culture of the previous medieval Europe to the revival of lost knowledge. This cultural movement, where changes occurred in almost every aspect of intellectualism, we know evoked in the in the heart of Florence, Italy. The unique characteristics of this city enabled an atmosphere of learning and artistic expression. An independent city like Florence was quickly capable to grow prosperous through trade and banking creating a class of wealthy businessmen who became patrons to individual artists providing them with fund and other necessities. It were these men too who become the most prominent face of the Renaissance movement. The Renaissance marked an important moment in human history and ending of the dark ages. Having changed the way in which people thought has given us many of the freedoms we have today. This essay will be further exploring the que...
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