Renaissance: A Cultural Movement Of The Renaissance

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• Renaissance or “rebirth” is a cultural movement that has started in Italy during late 14th century and expanded to early 17th century.
• Renaissance was a bridge that allowed Western Europe to move from the medieval era to the modern era. Renaissance later spread to other parts of Europe.
• Advances in technology allowed art and architecture to flourish during the renaissance era.
• Cities like Florence in Italy saw a spike of artists and architects who have changed from mere paid skilled laborers to professional artists.
• The word Renaissance referred to the rebirth of the ancient classical art of the Greco-Roman culture.
• This worked well for the Italians as the Roman Empires heritage was all around them from monuments to statues
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His work demonstrated the intellectuality of his conceptions. His compositions were monumental. His work encapsulated a high degree of naturalism.
• The generations that succeeded him pressed forward with research and innovation to create a linear prospective for painting with the integration of the human anatomy which lead to the discovery of a scientific style of naturalism.
• Architects of the Italian renaissance were influenced by the classical roman architecture. This was also pushed by a revival of the classical literature that was seen in humanism.
• Architects traveled to Rome and studied the remains and ruins of ancient Roman building, colosseums, and pantheons. Arches, pilaster, columns, pediments, domes, and entablatures were some of the elements that were inherited from classic Rome architecture. Architects were also influenced by the writing of Vitruvius.
• Mathematical measure along with harmonious form characterized the architecture of the renaissance.
• During the renaissance, architects hoped to create structures that would appeal to reason and emotion.
• Some of the most prominent personalities of the renaissance architecture were Filippo Brunelleschi and Leon Battista

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