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  • Pollution Is Pollution

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    Pollution is the process of pollutants contaminating the natural surroundings (air, land, and water) and creating an unsafe and dirty environment. Pollutants come in many shapes and forms even light, sound, and temperature can be considered pollution when introduced into the natural environment. Since the industrial revolution pollution has skyrocketed and has finally reached its peak giving way to global warming and human disease. Pollution is not only destroying our environment it is also destroying

  • pollution

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    the pollution one of the most important problems that facing us these day because it is on the rise with the development of technology and has become a significant and adverse effects on human and animal life together we must look good to know the causes and effects of pollution avoided and minimized , And I chose this topic because the pollution one of the most important problems that face us in the modern age Subject:. Pollution is causing changes in the environment in which they

  • pollution

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    Pollution is the chemical change in the structure of biological creatures and the components of environment that would lead to imbalance in the nature. Pollutants can be any solid materials, liquids, gases or microbes. There are so many picture of pollution such as: Air, Noise, Water, Soil, Radioactive, light and visual pollutions etc. Pollution phenomenon is a serious environmental disaster that has a lot of causes and effects in every field of the human’s life, its dangers couldn’t be known so

  • pollution

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    example by Soil Pollution in farms. To illustrate, according to Environmental Pollution Center, people or children who play by polluted soil and touch something which is polluted then they might directly get many disease. In addition, people get disease by indirectly way from food which is grown in polluted farm or by breathing toxic substances which are come from soil. There are many diseases which have come from land polluted and effect on people life. Second source of land pollution is mining activities

  • Pollution

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    Pollution “Ours, a water planet. The ocean covers 71 percent of the surface of the globe, and it constitutes over 90 percent of all habitable space on Earth. It’s total volume is around 300 million cubic miles and its weight is approximately 1.3 million million million tons. No wonder that Arthur C. Clarke, scientist and writer, once remarked that it was ‘inappropriate to call this planet Earth, when clearly it is ocean.* * (Mulvaney 28). Ocean pollution is growing out of control, and the

  • Pollution

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    I believe that pollution has escalated to far that is affecting us, the Earth, and the animals because of us or natural causes that have happened over years. I think that decreasing the pollution by its source it would be an excellent idea because we would have cleaner environments and cleaner drinking water. Although, not everybody will agree about my opinion like the people who would fling their trash in the environment almost everyday. I want to represent the idea that people should quit their

  • Pollution

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    Pollution is a very tricky subject. Pollution is the contamination of anything by gas, chemicals, or garbage. First, most of it is very preventable. Second, you can be polluting things around you just by driving your car or throwing something out the window. Pollution causes very bad things. Animals die, our ozone layer is being poked and prodded by carbon monoxide and dioxide from our car and factories, and we litter seriously everywhere. It is honestly ironically the most preventable causes of

  • Pollution And Environmental Pollution Essay

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    The Government’s Ethical Role of Regulating Pollution and Environmental Degradation The vast economies, better living standards and the fight against poverty would not have gone this far were it not for the industrial growth and its pollution in general. The government as the main driver of social change should play a key role in ensuring the environment is not polluted, and resources are well taken care of. The environment we live in is gradually changing for the worst, and the government

  • Pollution Of Air Pollution

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    particles and gas contaminates available in the earth's surface. In addition, air pollution is categorized in two parts indoor and outdoor air pollution. The indoor air pollution includes household products, gasses, lead, formaldehyde, asbestos, etc. Similarly, outdoor air pollution involves carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, tobacco smoke, etc. Moreover, there are different sources of air pollution such as "Stationary Sources" which involves the power plants, dry cleaners, factories

  • Pollution

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    Pollution has become a major issue over the years. It has caused death, disease, and many health problems. It is a major concern of our world today and not much is being done to prevent it. If not all, a lot of pollution is caused by humans. There are different types like industrial, agricultural, etc. Many people are realizing now the threat that pollution poses to humans. There are three main types of pollution. They are land, air, and water pollution. Land pollution deals with dumps or other harmful