Pollution Of Air Pollution

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The air pollutants in the air exist generally in the form of particles and gas contaminates available in the earth's surface. In addition, air pollution is categorized in two parts indoor and outdoor air pollution. The indoor air pollution includes household products, gasses, lead, formaldehyde, asbestos, etc. Similarly, outdoor air pollution involves carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, tobacco smoke, etc. Moreover, there are different sources of air pollution such as "Stationary Sources" which involves the power plants, dry cleaners, factories, etc. By the way "Stationary Sources" is the source that does not move. "Area Sources" is such as landfills, construction of housing, and dry lake beds. Another is the "Mobile …show more content…

I found that the Particulates (PM 2.5) current is 53.2 micrograms per cubic meter, before one hour was 66 micrograms per cubic meter in my community. Similarly, Particulates (PM 10) current is 66.7 micrograms per cubic meter, before one hour was 85 micrograms per cubic meter. Similarly, Particulates (PM 1) current is 50.5 micrograms per cubic meter, before one hour was 63 micrograms per cubic meter. Likewise, Total Suspended Particulate current is 120.5 micrograms per cubic meter, before one hour was 110 micrograms per cubic …show more content…

No living species can live without the air. Ordinarily, polluted air brings different types of diseases or health-related problems to the human beings. Every human being should be aware that they are not taking any actions which help to pollute the air. If we know we are polluting the air then we have to think about reducing the air pollution. Either we set up any industry or we do housework, whether we are using vehicles or working in the farms for agriculture, we all have to be conscious about the air pollution. We all share the same environment so we all have to think about making the environment

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