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Pollution “Ours, a water planet. The ocean covers 71 percent of the surface of the globe, and it constitutes over 90 percent of all habitable space on Earth. It’s total volume is around 300 million cubic miles and its weight is approximately 1.3 million million million tons. No wonder that Arthur C. Clarke, scientist and writer, once remarked that it was ‘inappropriate to call this planet Earth, when clearly it is ocean.* * (Mulvaney 28). Ocean pollution is growing out of control, and the clean up of our world’s oceans is critical. Ocean pollution is now a big problem facing us in everyday life. For years we have been trying to stop the dumping of trash, chemicals, and toxic waste into our oceans but the people who do it, still find ways to get around the rules and laws we have created (Mulvaney 28) Why should we have to live with an ocean so polluted where in time we will not even be able to fish or swim in it? The solutions to the problem of ocean pollution are endless and worthwhile. Since we caused ocean pollution, it is our job to clean it up. “We* are the future, “we* are the ones who should be working to find out ways to stop it. If we continue to abuse our ocean with pollution it will affect our world and lifestyle in many ways. For instance, living in an area so near the coast our town relies on the ocean as a main attraction, as well as a major source of food. Suppose both of these aspects were eliminated due to pollution. Do you think an ocean town such as this would still be booming during those summer months. It would not be such a problem if this was the only ocean town, but it isn’t. There are thousands of towns that rely on the ocean, not just in this country but all over the worl... ... middle of paper ... ... more people will become aware of ocean pollution. Let us solve this issue because we deserve a clean ocean and a clean earth. Bibliography: Works Cited Berghuizen, Andrea. “A Sea of Troubles,* World Press Review 40(1993):45 Degener,Richard. “Keep new York’s Toxic Mud Out of Our Ocean,New Jersey Activists Say.* Atlantic City Press 13 February 2000: A1,A4. Dowling, Matthew J. “New Jersey Beaches Again Get Top Marks,* Atlantic City Press 15 July 1998. Merline, J.W. “Ocean Pollution.* Consumer’s Research Magazine 74 (1991):38. McIntyre 8 Mulvaney, Kieran. “The International Year of the Ocean,* The Environmental Magazine Jan./Feb. 1998 28-35. No Author. “Plot Thickens . . . Mud Endangers Fisheries.* Online. Http://www.CleanOceanAction.org/Ta...BrooklynMarine/B_Marin e_alert2.htm January 2000.

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