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Pollution is the chemical change in the structure of biological creatures and the components of environment that would lead to imbalance in the nature. Pollutants can be any solid materials, liquids, gases or microbes. There are so many picture of pollution such as: Air, Noise, Water, Soil, Radioactive, light and visual pollutions etc. Pollution phenomenon is a serious environmental disaster that has a lot of causes and effects in every field of the human’s life, its dangers couldn’t be known so far.

On one hand, there are so many sources of pollution and of course they are responsible for the spread of diseases. As a researcher said “About 8-9% of the total disease burden may be attributed to pollution, but considerably more in developing countries. Unsafe water, poor sanitation and poor hygiene are seen to be the major sources of exposure, along with indoor air pollution” (Briggs, 2003). The main environmental pollution cause is the human. He invents, manufactures and uses, does industrial expansion, and technological advancements. Misusing of resources causes the disaster. As a result the environment needs people who love and care about it.

Firstly, Air is the most essential source of life. Any creature can survive without only for a few minutes, so it must pure, clean and breathable. Air pollution means the presence of harmful substances that harm the human health in both short and long terms. Garbage, radioactive waste, wars, biological weapons and poisonous gases can pollute the environment that they live in. The problem of air pollution occurred after the World War 2. Oil, gas and the mass extension in the industrial developments have become another main cause.

Secondly, visual pollution happens when the human eye see...

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...us that we know a phenomenon as dangerous as pollution and we ignore it. We must seriously solve it to save the future of the upcoming generations, types of solution could be identifying the citizens of the high risk of pollution and how important the environment is, advertisement that shows the danger of pollution, talk show programs, afforestation, reduce the use of pesticides, recover waste and recycling, water treatment and increasing the use of natural energies.

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