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Pollution is referred to the presence in the atmosphere of any chemical, physical or biological agents that can be harmful to one’s health, well-being, animal, or plant life.(Vallero,37). As a whole in the United States we are the causes of pollution in this country. There are many things we can avoid doing in hopes of living in a cleaner environment. This degradation of the environment by an external contaminant can cause damage to the everyday life of human beings and alter the conditions of survival of flora and fauna. An estimated 2 million people could die each year from any cause attributable to air pollution, as stated by the World Health Organization. According to this study, most deaths occur in developing countries where high densities of harmful particles are concentrated. The human population grows in a geometric progression and the demand for food and basic necessities for human life are increasing. The increase in the consumption of products and waste that are caused by humans, results in the generation of toxic substances. This indiscriminate development has altered the Earth. Entire regions in the tropics have suffered desertification, extinction of animal and plant species. There are severe floods that ruin crops each year in the world's poorest areas. The groups that are the most vulnerable to contamination are children, pregnant women, people with respiratory problems, the elderly with chronic diseases and animals. Another sector of the population with a high risk of the effects caused by air pollution are those who work outdoors or in places where it is most exposed to emissions of pollutants such as vehicular traffic filled streets or industries. Contamination can also occur in the soil, land and air. It can ... ... middle of paper ... remedy for air pollution is to base our whole life in clean renewable energy. Also encourage the use of public transport, bicycle and electric car. Control of gas emissions from the authorities is also important to encourage the use of alternative sources. By preventing air pollution, we can offer a better earth for humans, animals and plants. This will make the world a better place and something all of us can enjoy it. It is never too late to take action at home, in our community, statewide, and even around the world to prevent air pollution. Vallero, Daniel A., and Richard W. Boubel. Fundamentals of air pollution. 4th ed. Oxford: Academic, 2007. Print. "Effects of Air Pollution on humans, plants and animals." Effects of Air Pollution on humans, plants and animals. N.p., n.d. Web. .

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