Marine Pollution

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The ocean is very mysterious, there is much knowledge that the world does not even know about the ocean. Historically, ocean pollution has always been a tremendous problem but each year it increases drastically. Trash is really hurting not only the ocean but also ocean life environment. Ships can release oil spills into the ocean that can drastically hurt animal life. There are many of organizations attempting to help stop all of this trash from affecting more the world. Wildlife in the ocean is being polluted and some even killed. Most people think that this is not a big problem when in reality it is.
An enormous part of why our oceans are so polluted is Oil spills. These really affect not only animal life but the quality of the ocean. Ships and boats are the main cause for so much oil being in the water. These leaks can make a huge black spot in the middle of the ocean and animals can swim through there and get easily contaminated. In 1979, 1.1 million tons of oil was released into the ocean. Many animals could have eaten some oil and gotten infected. Birds could have gotten oil all over themselves which can cause organ failure. Today the restrictions against Oil are stricter but there are still boats out there that are hurting the environment.
Before the 1970`s polluting in the ocean was legal. It was not until 1972 when they passed the “1972 Stockholm Conference”. This was a law passed saying littering in the ocean was no longer legal. The ocean was probably getting very trashy and many animals could have started getting very sick of all of the garbage surrounding them. The government wanted to stop the entire dump from entering the ocean. Also, marine pollution was everywhere because there was pollution everywhere. In 2003,...

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...ous problem that should be prevented.
Day by Day the ocean is worsening vastly. Animals are getting sick and ending up dead. It is an extremely serious problem that should be taken much more seriously. There are some organizations to support help for the beaches but, it will take much more. Trash, noise pollution and oil spills is just killing the animals but also drastically hurting the water. The vast ocean needs to be taken care off not just let there to rot with all of the trash. The animals should be able to live in clean waters not surrounded with trash and oil.

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