Global Pollution

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Pollution is a growing issue in the world and is the major cause that contributes to many environmental problems. What is usually classified as pollution, what kind of pollution is present in the world, and what the people are doing to deal with this pollution issue in the world. There are several problems with world pollution that are associated with global warming and include waste disposal, water pollution, and air pollution. These things are usually caused by people on the planet who produce waste. This has been a growing complication and is (omit) now been taken as a serious issue. Solutions to these situations have been considered to keep the Earth and all the things in it.

One of the situations that are involved with world pollution is waste disposal. There are many ways in which garbage or other materials are disposed of, which involves the most obvious solution, and the one most commonly used, is simply to bury those wastes underground, often in metal drums or concrete containers. This method of disposal has any several drawbacks, however. For example, drums and containers break open, leaking hazardous chemicals into the groundwater. People living near hazardous waste sites are then exposed to those chemicals in their drinking water, through food grown on the land, or in other ways. Since people of color and low-income people tend to live near hazardous waste sites far more often than do more affluent white people, hazardous waste disposal is a problem of special concern to those communities (Newton).

Another way used to dispose of waste is through incineration. This method requires very close monitoring, since the ashes and smoke can still be just as hazardous as its physical form.

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...e environment that have had an influence on the habitats of many organisms. Most of these pollution incidents have a negative effect on both our environment and economy, which deals with how food is produced and how it is affected by pollution. Water has also been influenced negatively by the overcoming waste that is manufactured by people and certain businesses and when it is polluted by garbage, there is nothing that is done until it becomes a problem. Everyone in the world contributes to pollution, every single nation, person, and establishment, has some contribution to pollution. The only solution to the widespread of pollution can only be to produce better and more efficient ways of providing power for our everyday needs. The resources used mainly cause’s pollution, since every nation uses their own resources that (omit) have an influence on the environment.

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