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  • The Effectiveness of Customer Service in ASDA

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    The Effectiveness of Customer Service in ASDA Every business organisation has good and bad customer service; there are many Disadvantages to Bad customer service and many Advantages to Good Customer Service. Below is a list of Asda’s Good Customer Service requirements: § Polite and Efficient Staff § Good Communication skills § Minimum Paperwork and Redtape § Efficient Responses to Enquiries Here is a list of Bad Customer Service requirements: § Bad Communication Skills

  • Reflection Paper On Customer Service

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    I am a customer service representative at a health company funded by the state. I hear a lot and a lot is expected from me. My job description consists of talking to members over the phone. I explain about their benefits, services that we offer, obtain personal information, I verify authorization, look for provider and etc. With being the first point of contact I try hard to deliver the best customer service that I possibly can; so that I can show that I really cares about the members. The three

  • Manage Quality Customer service

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    (, 2014). The bank provides a wide range of financial and banking services including products such as, • Bank accounts • Home loans • Credit cards • Personal loans • Educational support to youths and students • Insurance policies • Online banking facilities • Shares and investments • Superannuation • Travelling and other international facilities • Financial planning • Private and premier banking services It is evident that any organization be it banking, insurance or any financial

  • The Teller Cycle Of A Customer Service Cycle

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    comes from Corporate Coach Group Training that transforms, describes the six step customer service cycle that needs to be implemented in order to have good customer service. The first step is to give a good greeting, when the customer comes in the building greet them with a simple “Hello” let them know you are aware that they came in to the building. The second step is to analyze customer needs, once the customer gets to the teller line or in the loan officers listen attentively to what they need

  • Management of Customer Service at Senheng Electric

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    Senheng Electric (KL) Sdn. Bhd. Interoffice Memo DATE : 5 May 2014 SUBJECT : Management of customer service Background Sen Heng® Electric (KL) Sdn. Bhd. is one of the leading consumer electronics chain stores in Malaysia. This store operates over 100 branch spread throughout Malaysia. Senheng was first established in 1989, from a tiny consumer electronics half shop lot set up with stocks worth less than Ringgit Malaysia thirty thousands to the largest electronics chain store today with

  • Customer Service Policy In The Hospitality Industry

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    Introduction “Customer Service” describes the full purchase cycle from the pre-purchase decision-making to the actual purchase experience to the after purchase attitude of a customers. It encompasses every service, which a company offers to its clientele in order to achieve the company’s mission of driving revenue by fostering customer satisfaction, customer retention, and customer referrals. In this increasingly consumer driven economy, Customer Service is a vital strategy utilized by businesses

  • Advantages Of Tier Customer Service

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    that many companies have been faced with when considering how to provide customer service to repeat versus one time customers. A “Tiered service system is a concept that understands customer service to be fundamentally inter-related with a customer’s actual or potential value as a consumer.”(Gibson, 2012) I will attempt to explain the reasons not to implement a tiered customer service system, throughout this essay. Any customer is of value to a business, so why should one be treated differently from

  • Principles of good customer service

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    Principles of good customer service It is very important to give excellent customer service when out in resort working as a rep. customer service can be given by one person or alternatively it can be given out as a team. This is to ensure that the customers get the best from there holiday, and so that they build a rapor with you to gain trust for them to come back time and time again. Seeing the customer happy also benefits you as a rep and gives you good job satisfaction. There are many

  • Customer Service Within Sainsbury's Supermarkets

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    Customer Service Within Sainsbury's Supermarkets Introduction The aim of this report is to look at the different methods used by research companies to measure customer service and show how they work and how affective they are. The report will then use a questionnaire along with the support of Sainsbury' s Bridgmead store to see how their customer service is rated by their regular customers. The different methods of measuring customer service Customer satisfaction is the extent to

  • Role of Customer Service in Datatronics and E-ZRP Companies

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    computer supplies. This case study assignment explores key issues and role of customer service, with respect to the US branch of the company located in Romoland, CA. It includes a comparison of customer service and customer satisfaction. Joel McGivern is the Chief Information Officer, while Matt Rubenzahl is the head of customer service center, North America. Matt is required to evaluate the status of customer service at Datatronics and provide recommendations to the Joel, the company’s CIO. The