Customer Service Recovery

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Providing great customer service and having the ability to retain customers require consistency in delivering the anticipated services. Customer service encompasses having the ability to provide a service or product to customers by means in which it was promised. However, there are times when unforeseen circumstances may occur, resulting in customer service breakdowns. Understanding the effectiveness of customer service relations provides the assurance needed to handle complicated service related issues. A well qualified customer service representative has the acquired skill to effectively defuse a potentially damaging service related matter. Service recovery influences customer retention and improves customer satisfaction. Service recovery refers to a series of actions in which customer complaints are identified, and immediately resolved. Additional steps may be required, and should be taken if needed to defuse a potentially damaging customer service related issue. The primary focus of the service recovery is claiming responsibility; admit to the customer that you are at fault and apologize to the customer for the problems caused - whether or not you are at fault. It’s natural to want to blame someone for a mistake, but the customer doesn’t care whose mistake it is, it’s the CSRs responsibility to correct the wrong. If further compensation is required, you must do what it takes to assure customer satisfaction. It is the responsibility of the CSR to own the problem, apologize and take the necessary steps to resolve it - preventing further breakdowns in service. Service breakdowns occur when customers are dissatisfied with the service they received. When dissatisfied customers are provided with additional options,... ... middle of paper ... ...mer feedback and reacting to any inconsistencies will help promote customer satisfaction and loyalty. In summary, as a customer representative, I have been in unpleasant situations that have required me to calm irate customers. I’ve discovered first hand, that an apology is worth a thousand words; from experience, I understand the impact of being a great listener, especially when dealing with irate customers. However, we know that providing great customer service doesn’t end with apologizing, or being a tentative listener. It is our duty as CSR’s to go above and beyond providing customer satisfaction. We must show our customers that we value and appreciate their services, by providing them with the value of service they will appreciate. In the process we will gain loyal customers, prevent customer defections and generate free advertising by word-of mouth.

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