The Importance Of Customer Service

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Customer service is one of the best ways to differentiate your company from others in the marketplace. Consumers desire a flawless experience where their questions are answered, their needs are met, and their opinions are heard. If companies don’t deliver, they risk losing their customers to competitors. Research shows that “a poor customer service experience has motivated 62% of global consumers to avoid a brand or organization.” People dislike customer service lines with long wait times and giving businesses feedback that is never implemented. It’s time to improve your brand’s customer service. Here are five creative ways to help your team: 1. Anticipate the customer’s needs Knowing what the consumer needs, when they need, and…show more content…
Anticipating buyer’s needs means curbing problems before they happen and satisfying customers in a timely manner. “Good customer service means knowing the people who buy from you and why they do so. Regularly evaluate their needs...How can your business be a partner or ally in helping your customer meet needs? Answer that question, and you’ll become indispensable,” writes Inc. contributor Gwen Moran. Use data, like product usage, psychographics, and heat mapping, to learn how to interact with your customers. For instance, if a consumer buys your product every three months, you then know to call the buyer quarterly about repurchasing. 1-800-Flowers is well-known for sending its consumers emails during popular holidays, when flowers are often bought. The email below is promoting a Valentine’s Day sale. Image Source Don’t wait for your customers to ask. Take advantage of customer intelligence tools to upgrade your service options. 2. Offer multiple channels of customer support A Deloitte survey reported that “92% of organizations that view customer experience as a differentiator offer multiple contact channels.” Consumers are seeking various ways to initiate conversations with…show more content…
Or invite a select group of customers to experience new products at your headquarters. Chevrolet livestreamed the announcement of its new electric car at the Consumer Electronics Show. Fans received inside information about the vehicle in real time. Alfonso Pulido, associate principal at McKinsey, offers the following advice: “A company’s brand is driven by more than the combination of promises made and promises kept. What’s also critical is ensuring customers recognize the delivery of those promises, which requires proactively shaping communications and key messages that consistently highlight delivery as well as themes.” To maintain lasting relationships, give your customers a memorable experience and keep your promises. 5. Ask for feedback constantly Customer feedback is often overlooked by most businesses. Teams usually get so consumed with the day-to-day operations that they forget to gather information from their customers. Feedback is vital because it’s a hands-on perspective from the buyer. Customers know what they want and that knowledge can help improve your products and business
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