Talent Development Search For New Talent For The Company Essay

Talent Development Search For New Talent For The Company Essay

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In my position as the Director of Talent Development searching for new talent for the company is one of my main duties. However, it is essential that we develop and measure the talent that we already have at the company. Keeping abreast of new and established talent will help us to continue to recruit the best talent for our growing business and retain those already established in leadership positions. As you are aware one of our main philosophies is to hire high as it benefits the company in two ways, first we ensure that we only hire the best and the brightest and secondly it keeps the current leaders on their toes so that they stay on task and achieve their objectives.
In order for an employee to achieve a high level position within the company, they must possess certain criteria. Leadership skills are an essential part of any talent search but become a greater priority when we look to promote from within to an executive position. Take for example the Senior Vice President in charge of global sales. The person in that current position is an accomplished leader his name ...

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