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Meaning of Competence Meaning of the Term “Competency” Competency has its origins in the Latin word 'competentia' which means is authoritative to judge as well as ―has the right to speak‖ (Caupin et al., 2006: 9). The English dictionary defines the word ‘competence’ as the state of being suitably sufficient or fit. Trying to draw a fine line between the words such as proficiency, capability, capacity, competence, competency/ competencies is even more difficult and creates confusion (see examples in Byham & Moyer, 2000; Cooper, 2000; Mirabile, 1997). Those who invested efforts in investigativing competency are immediately struck by the lack of uniform definitions, compositions, and methodologies which, of course, lead to misunderstanding, wandering,…show more content…
Competency also embodies the Understanding Competencies and Competency Modeling ― Page capacity of transfer skills and abilities from one area to another. Spencer and Spencer (1993): ―Competencies are skills & abilities-things you can do -acquired through work experience, life experience, study or training. Page and Wilson (1994) after reviewing 337 citations regarding competencies, defined it as “the skills, abilities, and personal characteristics required by an „effective‟ or „good‟ manager”. The point to note about this definition is the inclusion of directly observable and testable competencies, such as knowledge and skills, and the less assessable competencies related to personal characteristics or personal competencies. Gilbert (1996) defined competence ―as the state of being competent refers to having the ability to consistently produce the results (the worthy outcomes of behavior) that are required for the most efficient and effective achievement of the larger organizational…show more content…
According to him, competency-based leadership development does not just drift, however it intentionally focuses on clear career aspirations. Meanwhile, he stressed that disciplined approach to career growth will enhance the organization's performance. Lucian Cernusca and Cristina Dima (2007) in their research essay explained the concept of competency and how competency is linked to performance and one‘s career development. The authors also look into some models of competency mapping and appraisal tools for performance management. A business might possess extremely capable human resources, but they might not work on the position that suits them. This is where competency mapping and the appraisal tools come to help the HR experts choose who should work on what

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