Talent Acquisition Case Study

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The process of talent acquisition is an effective approach that is undertaken by HCL Group for finding skilled human labour in order to meet organisational needs. The human resource professions play a vital role in recruiting talent to build strong human labour and bring out more productivity. Talent Acquisition is beneficial as it selects right people to set into right job so that quality performance can be given. The brand of HCL has given huge scopes to the candidates who are talented enough and can give innovative ideas to the company to make growth. According to the company, they prefer employee as their first priority than the customers. This strategy has promoted trust among the employees where they share information with one another…show more content…
Business had to bare loss as they lack in maintaining standardisation. Therefore, talent acquisition group of the organisation had to go through drastic changes due to several stakeholders having different functions that gave confusing conclusion. Other difficulties that are faced by the organisation are with tools and technology where the business had non availability of recruiting tool and had issues in data management system. Before the implementation of talent acquisition group the organisation had low recruiter efficiency. In addition, screening and sourcing process also lacked as the sourcing guidelines were not present in the recruitment process. Besides, it also lacked in sourcing prioritisation. There was no selection framework as well due to which the organisation failed in making consistency results…show more content…
Therefore, human resource professions plan in a way by understanding the requirement needed to handle task of a particular department. Therefore, giving job description is essential where essential skills and requirement that a candidate need to have must be given. Besides, person specifications are also important to know the experience and qualities within a person (Wright et al. 2014). After recruiting the candidates they are screened and selected to come up in next level where interview will be conducted among the selected candidates. In addition, training is an important element that groom up the candidates according to the roles and responsibilities they will be conducting as an organisation

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