Sales Presentation Of Htc Sales Team Essay

Sales Presentation Of Htc Sales Team Essay

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A sales presentation for a new HTC phone to a target market in California would entail an introduction, body, and a conclusion as a call to action. The introduction would start with a greeting to the audience and an introduction of the HTC sales team. The team would be trying to sell the new HTC one M9 and the sales manager in charge of mobile devices would lead the presentation assisted by two sales executives. HTC is a Taiwanese multinational that specializes in manufacturing tablets and smartphones whose slogan is “Here’s to Change”. It was founded in 1997 in New Taipei City in Taiwan and operates in the telecommunications equipment industry. Interbrand ranked the company at #98 in its 2011 Best Global Brand rankings.
The presentation would target the young generation who are stylish and want to keep abreast with the latest technology. The HTC One M9 targets to compete with other high-end products from Samsung Group, Microsoft, and Apple, Inc. The main promotional materials will include, YouTube, social media platforms as well as the traditional media and screen presentations along the streets of Californian towns. Customers should choose the phone for its sleek design, functionality and features. The phones are available in all leading HTC and mobile device outlets thus they should take advantage of the discounts on offer and purchase the phone before discounted stocks last.
2.2 The Sales Presentation
Good morning all. We are pleased to see you today. I am the sales manager in charge of mobile devices at HTC Corporation and this presentation is about our company and its new mobile phone HTC One M9 as our innovative product. To start with, the sales manager will introduce our company. Followed by our sales representative, Ms. L...

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...and products a competitive edge through positioning. They assist the sales force focus on their target market consumers through a meaningful and relevant communication of consumer problem solutions. Sales strategies provide methods and steps necessary for consumers in various stages. For potential clients, the sales team has to communicate an introduction of a brand into the market. Existing customers need to hear about the new features in the products as well as the benefits they will achieve by being loyal to the brands.
3.1 The Importance of Recruitment and Selection Procedures
Skills, expertise and sales knowledge are important to any organization, especially the sales force. The most successful salespersons should have expertise in customer focus to be able to understand the customer needs. It is crucial to listen to consumers and respond appropriately to their

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