Sainsbury's Marketing Communications Plan

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In order to provide a structure upon which a comprehensive marketing plan can be build, Sainsbury's should adopt a SOSTAC model in order to help the development of a logical structure combined with the key elements of a plan.

The current situation puts Sainsbury's in the UK's third-largest supermarket chain, with a market share of around 16% .with 823 stores, unveiled profits of £488m, up 28% on last year's levels, with 15 consecutive quarters of sales growth,

Given the current environment shows how the strength and broad appeal of the Sainsbury's brand has improved substantially during the past four years. Like-for-like sales growth, excluding fuel, of 4.3 per cent over the summer quarter and 3.9 per cent for the first half,

Sainsbury’s is the most trusted ‘own-brand’ among supermarkets. Almost half of all shoppers placed ‘high’ trust in Sainsbury’s own products (47%) compared to 27% for Tesco, 17% for Asda and 15% for Morrison’s. Research carried out with 1,000 consumers in August 2008.

After the advertising campaign - featuring Jamie Oliver offering family meals for less than £5 - Sainsbury's became more popular with consumers than any other adverts the supermarket had ever done.

Within the present financial crisis , Sainsbury's was "stealing very successfully" from its upmarket rivals.

About 30% of shoppers' baskets were now items on promotion, compared with around 20-22% a year ago.

Shoppers were becoming increasingly "savvy" and changing the way they cook and eat in response to the credit crunch. All the supermarkets have seen sales of organic and premium ranges slowing or grinding to a halt, while lower-priced and own-brand goods have proved more popular.

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... in-store and street face-to-face communication.Also, S will make the nectar card more customer oriented in order to predict their next purchases and adopting a certain approach on delivering the message.

Personal selling will be measured in both qualitative and quantitative terms. Salespersons will have to fill reports regarding the interlocutors behaviour and product knowledge.

Sales promotions will be controled by measuring the number of product samples distributed and by computing online sales of 75 or above.

Pop will be monitored through video cameras placed strategically.

The level of Awareness will be assesed via media coverage and by measuring the number of online visitors every week.

The leader may or not be admired but other firms forfeit its dominance in the industry. (Kotler,2001


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