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  • Personal Sales

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    Personal Sales Personal sales are the deliverance of a specially designed message to a prospect consumer by a seller; usually it comes in different forms such as face-to-face communication, personal letters, or a personal telephone conversation. Unlike advertising, a personal sales message can be more specifically targeted to individual prospects and easily altered if the desired behavior does not occur. However Personal selling is far more expensive than advertising and is generally used only when

  • Sales Representatives

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    world today, very few require as much self-determination as a sales representative. The value of a sales representative is on the rise in our economy today and many companies are looking for pioneers to take on the challenges of fulfilling the position. Being a sales representative for any company comes with much knowledge of merchandise, responsibilities, skills, and experience. The position of being a sales representative, or sales rep for short, is a very important part to the success of a company

  • Sales Ethics

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    Sales Ethics What are they and how can they be better Followed? To fully understand the nature of the question posed one must know the meaning of ethics. Webster’s dictionary defines ethics as the philosophical study of the moral value of human conduct and of the rules and principles that ought to govern it; moral philosophy, the moral fitness of a decision, course of action, etc. Basically, I believe ethics is how one makes a decision according to the social norm that surrounds him. The social

  • Votes For Sale

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    Votes For Sale According to the Associated Press, lobbyist donated 633 million dollars to government representatives in the first half of 1999. A lobbyist’s job is to pass money to representatives for a vote in their favor of a bill. Up to $5000 may be given to any one congressman by a lobbyist thru Political Action Committees (PACs). Farmers, laborers, gun control activists, abortion opponents, and teachers are just a few of the numerous groups who form these committees in the United States

  • Sales Presentation

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    that assist the professional sales person of today in developing basic selling strategies and tactics that help them improve and prefect their own personal selling styles. As listed in the text, “there are countless small tasks in the personal selling process that are generally organized into seven major stages that overlap and interact which are: 1. Prospecting and Qualifying 2. Planning the sales call (pre-approach) 3. Approaching the prospect 4. Making the sales presentation and demonstration

  • Sales Promotions

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    activities as supplement. These activities are called sales promotions and in a B2B setting it is called trade promotions. Sales promotions are kind of temporary things, some kinds of incentives urging customers to act quickly. We will mostly get interested in the B2C setting, i.e. sales promotions, in the setting of Burkina Faso, using three types of sales promotion: sample, contests, and loyalty programs. Then we will see if the infrastructure for sales promotions exist in all the countries. In Burkina

  • Marketing And Sale

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    My shop is going to sell second hand clothing and school equipments. The school clothing will be fixed up to make them appeal to market audience and look as good as new. Shoes are ranging from size 6-10 to make sure they fit the large majority of the school students. Blazer colour will be ranging from black to green and ties will have to types: gold and yellow stripes ties and dark green ties. We also sell school summer shirt as well as school badges and PE kits. School equipments are various in

  • Whole Sale Fashions: Summary: Whole Sale Clothings

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    Whole sale Clothings: Have you ever tried to get clothes on whole sale? I will tell the way you can get clothes on whole sale. As a result of research I have found the business. I found that whole sale clothings are unique in its design. They sale stuff cheaply in comparison with other distributors, While any kind of dress if you wanted to buy unique high quality clothes, than there are two ways either to compromise quality or either compromise uniqueness. If you want to go with both then this

  • Sales Force Management

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    Sales Force Management Proper training for a sales force is vital to the success of the individual as well as the team. According to Spiro, Stanton, and Rick, “The salesperson’s product knowledge, understanding of customer needs, and selling skills are directly related to the amount of training he or she receives” (2004, p. 190). This paper will discuss such instances encountered by Imaginative Staffing, Inc., summarize the case study presented in Management of a Sales Force, and answer questions

  • Sales Force Automation

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    Advantage and disadvantage of Sales Force Automation Before in the 1980s, salespersons worked in ‘local offices’ which were responsible for catering customers within a specific geographical region. The salesperson was the professional correspondent who met with key buyers within his jurisdiction and is the knowledgeable product expert who often traveled to meet with clients. However, as a salesperson is often only capable of being well versed with one product, multiple salesperson who are specialized