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  • Sales Representatives

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    world today, very few require as much self-determination as a sales representative. The value of a sales representative is on the rise in our economy today and many companies are looking for pioneers to take on the challenges of fulfilling the position. Being a sales representative for any company comes with much knowledge of merchandise, responsibilities, skills, and experience. The position of being a sales representative, or sales rep for short, is a very important part to the success of a company

  • Sales Ethics

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    Sales Ethics What are they and how can they be better Followed? To fully understand the nature of the question posed one must know the meaning of ethics. Webster’s dictionary defines ethics as the philosophical study of the moral value of human conduct and of the rules and principles that ought to govern it; moral philosophy, the moral fitness of a decision, course of action, etc. Basically, I believe ethics is how one makes a decision according to the social norm that surrounds him. The social

  • Sales Presentation

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    that assist the professional sales person of today in developing basic selling strategies and tactics that help them improve and prefect their own personal selling styles. As listed in the text, “there are countless small tasks in the personal selling process that are generally organized into seven major stages that overlap and interact which are: 1. Prospecting and Qualifying 2. Planning the sales call (pre-approach) 3. Approaching the prospect 4. Making the sales presentation and demonstration

  • Sales Promotions

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    activities as supplement. These activities are called sales promotions and in a B2B setting it is called trade promotions. Sales promotions are kind of temporary things, some kinds of incentives urging customers to act quickly. We will mostly get interested in the B2C setting, i.e. sales promotions, in the setting of Burkina Faso, using three types of sales promotion: sample, contests, and loyalty programs. Then we will see if the infrastructure for sales promotions exist in all the countries. In Burkina

  • Whole Sale Fashions: Summary: Whole Sale Clothings

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    Whole sale Clothings: Have you ever tried to get clothes on whole sale? I will tell the way you can get clothes on whole sale. As a result of research I have found the business. I found that whole sale clothings are unique in its design. They sale stuff cheaply in comparison with other distributors, While any kind of dress if you wanted to buy unique high quality clothes, than there are two ways either to compromise quality or either compromise uniqueness. If you want to go with both then this

  • Sales Force Management

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    Sales Force Management Proper training for a sales force is vital to the success of the individual as well as the team. According to Spiro, Stanton, and Rick, “The salesperson’s product knowledge, understanding of customer needs, and selling skills are directly related to the amount of training he or she receives” (2004, p. 190). This paper will discuss such instances encountered by Imaginative Staffing, Inc., summarize the case study presented in Management of a Sales Force, and answer questions

  • Life of a Sales Representative

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    Life of a Salesman People tend to shy away from a sales career due to the fact they lack self-confidence or they don’t want to be the stereotype of being pushy or dishonest. A career as a successful sales representative requires a positive attitude and the ability to be creatively persistent to sell a product without forcing it on the customer. According to Alliance (2013), “sales representative jobs have the potential to be dynamic, exciting and very lucrative” considering you meeting new people

  • Importance Of Organ Sales

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    purposes of transplant can be morally justified. The following will address this statement as true for those organs considered non-vital. First, eight arguments in favor of prohibition of organ sales will be critically assessed, followed by a support of organ sales. The first argument against organ sales is that the poor will be exploited by the rich. This statement is concerned with the harm caused to vendors; however, vendors are anxious to sell and prohibition harms both vendors and recipients

  • Essay On Sale/Leaseback

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    Sale/Lease Back Sale/leaseback is a financing tool that became popular in the 90´s due to the tightening of the credit. This type of financing was used by small and medium companies that needed cash to grow their business but their only real estate asset was their business facility. We had two interviews with bankers that explained to us how is the deal made and what are the benefits it brings. Javier Jaramillo is a senior VP of Investments at UBS and has been a banker all his life. Although he

  • The Importance Of Sports Sales

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    needs means gearing towards the consumer, and knowing your selling audience. Sales are a huge part of being a successful sport manager. We are talking about sports sales jobs, according to Nagel, M., & Southall, R. 2011 “a career that uses multiple disciplines of business including marketing, research, analytics, customer service and economics.” How many of our current sports jobs in sport management have the word sales in the description? “3,155! 53%

  • Positive and Negative Sales

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    I think about sales usually I do not think of anything good. If I relate sales to good things, the first thing I think of is the nice ladies who give me Keurig Coffee samples while I shop, but that is my only good thought. My second thought is usually that I have too many telemarketers calling me. The final thought that I have is always that I am such a terrible salesperson that I can understand why these people are so annoying. The most positive experiences that I have with sales people are usually

  • Speech On Sales Funnel

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    Most people who touched on the topic sales have received a hefty dose of a freaking metaphor. More specifically, sales funnel. During my years as a salesman, I have often had close encounters of the third degree with different funnel variations in garish colors of courses, lectures and meetings on Monday. But never has anyone opposed to the sales funnel must be the world 's worst funnel! Classical sales funnel I 'll admit that my token for some reason fell down only yesterday when I was darkness

  • Economics of Tobacco Sales

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    H1 States with Smoking Bans and Cigarette Sales Each year 440,000 people die, in the United States alone, from the effects of cigarette smoking (American Cancer Society, 2004). As discussed by Scheraga & Calfee (1996) as early as the 1950’s the U.S. government has utilized several methods to curb the incidence of smoking, from fear advertising to published health warnings. Kao & Tremblay (1988) and Tremblay & Tremblay (1995) agreed that these early interventions by the U.S. government were instrumental

  • Sales Personnel Management

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    essential for them to maintain relevance as well as achieve set targets and strategic objectives. One of the aspects business management is sales personnel management. This is an important business aspect that can lead to efficiency, as well as effectiveness in business, if executed accordingly. This study will seek to analyze the various tools and techniques used in sales personnel management. Management Techniques Personnel management encompasses a deep interest in the well-being of an organization’s

  • Sales Promotion Essay

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    There are two basic types of sales promotions, trade and consumer sales promotions. The schemes, discounts, freebies, commissions and incentives given to the retailers, wholesalers, distributors to stock more, push more and hence sell more of a product come under sales promotion. But sales promotion activity aimed at the final consumer are called consumer schemes. These are used to create a pull for the product and are advertised in public media to attract attention. Maximum schemes are floated in

  • Consultative Sales Process

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    creating a sales presentation, and following through after the sale. To be most successful, a salesperson should think of the sales presentation as a four-part process. This process includes discovering the needs of the customer,

  • Importance Of Sales Promotion

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    This week, we are focusing on one aspect of promotional activities which is sales promotion. There are different definition given to the term sales promotion by different authorities and authors, but I will be using Tanner & Raymond (2010) definition which is the activities that complement a company’s advertising, public relations and personal selling endeavours. Pg 243. For example, distributing product samples to customers, an exhibition of product in stores or trade fairs or shows and preparation

  • Allround Sales Force

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    Sales Force Sales Force (SF) is an important aspect to any company’s success. In the past, we have known to associate SF with aggressive selling, as that was their main approach in obtaining revenue for many companies. Technological advances have changed the way companies utilize its SF. However, SF remains to be a direct link between customers and companies as they are the face associated with the brand (Kotler& Keller, 2012, p. 554). Companies must set attainable objectives and strategies that

  • The Importance Of Sales Promises

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    A company develops a “sales pitch” based on its understanding of the customers’ expectations and its approach to meeting these expectations. Wikipedia defines a sales pitch as a planned presentation of a product or service designed to initiate and close a sale of the same product or service. Sales Pitches and Company Service Promises are the company’s commitments to deliver a certain level of product or service. Both sales pitches and service promises can be personal or non-personal but either ways

  • Online Car Sales

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    with ecommerce websites. One of the goods I really have seen an increase in online promotion is the sales of vehicles. Across the nation and even worldwide, people are able to post an ad and sell their vehicle, a little less than two decades ago this was a luxurious option for individuals and even car dealerships. We can see how eBay,, and Kelly Blue Book have made a mark in the auto sales industry; each one of these sites have made their name distinct from one another and we’ll see the