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The Problem Of A College Degree Essay examples

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It is estimated that only 27% of U.S. college graduates have a job that is related to their college degree. Many adults agree that college was a very important time in their lives and that it greatly shaped their future. The failure to complete a college degree can lead us down the wrong path and decrease our quality of life, but in rare situations it may also inspire success. These are three of the results that occur when a student does not complete their degree.
Without a college degree some people see no way to a good paying job. Many times this can drive them towards the wrong path. Finding a job that doesn’t require a degree is very difficult when it cannot be done that person might turn to criminal activity. A life of crime doesn’t require a degree and seems like an easy solution. There are many types of crime to chose from. One of the most common and prosperous is drug dealing. A UN report stated that the global drug trade generated an estimated $321.6 billion in 2003. That seems like plenty of money to go around; but the job of dealing drugs doesn’t come without a cost to the seller. Many times the dealers become stuck in debt from the higher up lords in their business. Many things begin to happen and life becomes more and more dangerous. In 2006 in the Bureau Of Justice Statistics listed that 5.3% of homicides were drug-related. These deaths come from drug wars that are constantly being waged for territory and also those caught leaking information of drug activity to the law. A small time weed dealer can make around $1000 per week at the most. We can compare this to college grads with a bachelor 's degree who make about $51,206 a year which is equal to about $984 per week. These payments may seem to equal out; but the dan...

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...hich were unsuccessful. Despite these challenges, he decided to sell the farm in New Hampshire and move to England, where he found a publisher who would print his first book of poems. This provided him with many opportunities. Then after World War I, Frost was forced to return to America. When Frost arrived back home people had heard of his work from his exposure in England and he became successful.
The failure to complete a college degree can lead people to resort to criminal activity, decrease the quality of life, and even drive them towards success. Without a college degree life is very different and more difficult, but there are solutions. The negatives of illegal activity can be avoided with good choices, quality of life can be raised by hard work, and success can definitely be found if we start small like Rachel Ray and persevere through life like Robert Frost.

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