Pros And Cons Of Having A College Education

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Is receiving a college education over rated or is it the beginning of obtaining the American Dream? There have been many conversations about receiving a College Education in the 21st century. Many believe that getting a college education is the gateway to entering into the middle class America that consists of professionals such as lawyers, physicians, teachers, and nurses. Some also believe that having a college education has a significantly larger rate of return for every individual that attends college. Obtaining a college education prepares students for life; it produces better paying jobs. Having a college education is the most valuable asset anyone can obtain, it opens up many different doors of opportunity. Preparing yourself…show more content…
When High-school graduates think that obtaining a B.A. will help them get higher-paying job, they are only narrowly correct. Murray Charles (245) states that “some companies will not consider you at all if you do not have a college degree”. He also stated that many jobs will not even interview you if you do not hold a B.A. degree, having a B.A. degree help enhance your pay”. Why does having a B.A. produce that result? According to Charles, for some jobs, the economic premium for a degree is produced by the actual education that has gone into getting the degree, Murray Charles (245). Charles also stated that “lawyers, physicians, and engineers can earn high incomes deploying knowledge and skills that take years to acquire”. He believes that having a degree in law, medicine, and/or engineering still signify competence in those knowledges and skills, Murray Charles (245). Obtaining a college education affects you in many different ways and income is one, not going to college and receiving a degree will leave you working a minimum wage paying job like fast food or retail because you will not have received the knowledge or skills to do anything…show more content…
It produces better paying jobs that makes professionals such as physicians, lawyers, educators, and nurses additional opportunities once the degree has been obtained. For too many years people have had questions about getting a college education. There has been “nay sayers” that believed college is only a business that makes billions of dollars from students, and once they finish college, they cannot obtain gainful employment. Unfortunately that has been the downfall for everyone that bought into the hype. However, fast food restaurants are now becoming more competitive where they are choosing the individual with more education than their counterpart. Therefore to think that not having a college education is alright, try competing for a job that does not necessarily require college. You will most likely see that the person with a college education is most likely to get that job before the person without. Having a college education is not only necessary, it is critical in the 21st

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