The Benefits Of A College Education: Success And Success

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Going to college may or may not be a choice for you! Having a college education is not the only way to be successful. When making the decision to go to college many people will ask themselves “Is it worth it?” A college education has many benefits. Following the benefits of an education are also the disadvantages. There are many different perspectives on this idea. The decision to become a college graduate is solely up to oneself and one’s own perspective on the idea of success. Many people these days tend to believe that the higher the degree they earn the more money they will make. Thus far the more successful they will one day be. Although in some instances that may be true, that is not always the case. For example, my aunt graduated from…show more content…
Having a college education is very beneficial for a person’s future. The degree itself is not the most beneficial aspect of a person’s success in the future nor is the type or rank of school attended will be most beneficial. The education received throughout the years in college will be the most beneficial reward in a student’s life. The education a person receives from a college experience is not only the textbook education or the education provided by the professors but also the real-life experiences. The real-life experience benefits are what will truly matter in the future. A few specific benefits from a college education are the life experiences, the commitment to someone/something other than yourself, the skills achieved such as time management and organization, and also the self-sufficiency a person profits. College is also a great time to find yourself through the chaos of balancing life and maintaining passing grades. “Another one of the many benefits of a college education is meeting others from distant places with diverse backgrounds.” (McGuire) In high school, students do not have the wide range of people from different backgrounds. In college, students are introduced to everything new to life and along with that comes other students from different areas of life. Going to college and having the
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