My Top Five Values Were Happiness, Personal Development, Self Respect, Reflection And Family

My Top Five Values Were Happiness, Personal Development, Self Respect, Reflection And Family

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From the activity that we did at the beginning of the semester my top five values were happiness, personal development, self-respect, reflection and family. The first four has a lot to do with me working on myself and trying to make myself a better person with my full potential, and the last one was family. If I was told to do this activity about two years ago, family would have been first and the other four would probably not have been in my list of top ten at all. Lately, I have been trying to learn how to put myself first at times, and start to do things I enjoy while working on myself.
Honestly, this class required a lot more energy than I expected. I did not think that this class would have forced me to interact with my peers on such a personal level. Since it was listed as a lecture class, I was prepared to write notes, papers, and take exams. In my other class, I rarely interact with my classmates unless I have a quick question about something or it is required for a group project. Once I realized that majority of my time in this course would consist of me working with my classmates and that majority of my grade in this class would be based on me working in a group, I was not excited at all. Once I learned that I would have to use a Saturday for this class, I was really wondering what type of lecture is this. One thing that made me a slightly excited about the class was the fact that I would leave with three credit hours and a medallion in the Bronze Leadership Challenge.
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I can admit that my view on leadership has changed a lot over the semester. At first, I only viewed a good leader as someone I would follow. Then, I viewed a leader as someone who had followers or supporters, but I learned that it is so ...

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...a leader. One person can be a great communicator while another is good a problem solving and these two people could be great leaders if they worked together, and this is where I think self awareness steps in. One person is aware of his or her strengths and weakness and decide to step down and let another person take lead where they are not their strongest.
From this course, I learned that anyone can be a leader and that leadership is not something that is black and white. A good leader first has to have self awareness of his or her beliefs, values, and emotions then everything else seems to fall into place. I think that leadership is not something that one can be just taught in a lecture which is why I understand why this course had so many activities and a huge group project. Leadership is a task that one can continue to learn in if they allow themselves to learn.

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