My Personal Values Essay

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Understanding who we are as individuals can be a struggle for people throughout life. It can be difficult to comprehend who we are and why we exist. There are daily outside influences that help create who we are and what our values are. Values play a significant role in our lives. They shape the choices we make and reveal a big part of our identity to the world. Some values may be more important than others, but they still manage to influence our lives in one way or another, whether we know it or not. Values can range from a tangible item to an idea that has influenced us to stand by and remember those values. The values we hold with the highest importance act as a guide and help us prioritize our purpose and goals in our daily life. My family has taught me a list of values and traits that have helped me become a well-rounded individual. I value my family more than anything because most of my core inner values have started from their teachings at one point or another. My top values that I have developed from my family are dedication, honesty, and wisdom. I will discuss who I am in terms of the important values that shape my personal belief system and decision making framework that, in essence, describes the direction of my life.
Independence is a significant value to me because it represents my freedom and becoming an adult. I was born and raised in a strict household where my freedom was limited because of household chores and family obligations. As a child, I recall learning how to cook, clean, and care for my younger siblings. My siblings support for each other helps me each day when im feeling down because I know that I can count on them. With all the responsibilities I had growing up; it made me desire my own independence...

... middle of paper ... myself and how I operate. To have the ability to get up each morning and start my day feeling alive because of my health shows how meaningful this value is to me.
Values make up a large part of our life and influence the decisions we make. I will continue to live my life with honesty and I aim to become a person of integrity, my ambition and work ethic will help me develop into a better being. I don’t doubt that my values will carry me on to a successful and fulfilling life. Without my family and friends I would have not been able to reach the point where I am today, and I would not be able to personally grow and develop my own way of living and personal beliefs. These influences will help guide me to the path of becoming a decent man. Fortunately, I have my spirituality in hopes to continue growing and develop a better understanding of everything around me.
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