My Journey of Personal Growth

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As I have traversed my adult life, I do not remember when but, I have come to embrace the mantra “Be the Best You Can Be”. It is that “goal” to be the best I can be, as a Marriage Family Therapist, that has brought me to apply for the PsD program at the Newport Psychoanalytic Institute. So you may ask yourself, what causes someone to embrace the concept “be the best you can be”? As, I sit back and reflect upon my life, and who I have become today, I must start with family history. I was raised in Southern California with my siblings. I am the youngest of five children (two older brothers and two older sisters). We were raised by our maternal grandparents. My mother, by age 21 had given birth to 5 children and in addition delivered 3 stillborn. At this point, the stories are conflicting on how exactly my grandparents obtained custody of us but, I did not know my father and my mother would come to visit periodically but nothing consistent. My grandmother grew up in the south and is the daughter of a Southern Baptist preacher. My grandfather although he was home full-time, I knew very little about him. Both my grandparents were home full-time through my childhood. My grandfather was a retired US Navy officer and my grandmother was a housewife. I mentioned that my grandfather was an officer in the Navy and my grandmother grew up in a Southern Baptist preacher’s home because I believe this part of their history has influenced my life. Growing up my siblings and I were required to attend sunday school weekly and when I graduated 6th grade, I attended the youth department at church which met on Wednesday evenings and Sunday morning and evening. I have come to realize, as an adult,11 that my grandmother believed that ... ... middle of paper ... ...nal growth began with the interaction with the adults from the church and their famalies causing me to reccognize alternative forms of family systems causing me to realize My journey of personal growth began back in the early 80’s, where I found myself leaving a complex childhood to only move into a dysfunctional marriage. I was married to my ex-husband for 13 years. During the marriage, I had 3 children, who are currently 31, 28 and 23 years of age. In my quest, to improve my marriage, knowing that I was the only person I could “fix”, I embarked on “getting healthy” in hopes to improve the relationship through therapy. “At any moment each person is always doing the VERY BEST he can, based on his total conscious and non conscious prevailing awareness and which is within his capabilities, energy, time, and developed talents and abilities.” - Sidney Madw
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