Reflection On Personal Values

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1. My working class background and my family have shaped my own personal values. Growing up in a Hispanic culture, I have cultivated the belief in cherishing, nurturing, and protecting those who are family. I believe this value came from my father. He has always been a great supporter after his father passed away, at the age of 18. When my grandfather passed, he took the role in being the provider. Him being the oldest, he worked long hours to ensured his brothers and sisters had the things they needed. By this, my father learned the value of building family unity. After finding out my mother was expecting, he made it all possible in having a stable home for us. He bought his first home and would put aside money for his future family. My father…show more content…
Most importantly, he made sure my siblings and I all had a great relationship by respecting one another, helping each other in times of need, and supporting our choices in life. As a family, my father believes in establishing and maintaining family unity, therefore, I have always valued the importance of taking care of care of my sibling and my parents. The value of protecting members of my family is meaningful to me because my family is who I turn to when I am coping through difficult times. We have respect for one another, and we could never intentionally hurt each other due to our strong bond. In addition, I was taught the values of not resorting to violence when solving issues, but instead learning the value of walking away from negative situations. All in all, my family are who keep me moving forward, and I am immensely proud of this value because my family remains…show more content…
I strongly believe that it is my passion in becoming a social worker, but my ability to work with individuals who abuse or neglect children would be remarkably challenging for me. A case that I may encounter would perhaps be a client who states that her child was taken to the emergency room due to head injuries, which she and her spouse claims were from accidentally tumbling down the stairs. She later confesses to me that her injuries were not accidental but rather intentional. The client has been abusing her child repeatedly for three years and now feels guilty. As a child, the client remembers being abused by her legal guardian, therefore, believes her child deserves to be abused as well as she has. Although the client felt guilty after a period of time, it would be almost impossible for me to react with anger. I was raised in respecting every member of my family, therefore, dealing with a case of child abuse would be out of my norm. In addition to my own personal belief, children do not have the ability to defend themselves in comparison to an adult. The first statement I would say to the client is, “Your child does not deserve to live their life being mistreated, therefore, you do not deserve her”. I would feel truly overwhelmed by anxiety, disgust, and strong desires for punishment that will interfere with my decision-making. My nonverbal behaviors; such as, mouth dropping, eye rolling, and the loss of eye contact would immediately make my client feel uncomfortable
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