My Career At Georgia State University Essay

My Career At Georgia State University Essay

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My college career began in 2002, as a history major with the intention of becoming a high school teacher. Along the way I realized I had no passion for that career or how dry the subject can be at a serious academic level. During my time at Georgia State University I took the required Psychology 101 class, and became fascinated with the subject. When I returned to college to finish my bachelor’s degree, in 2014, I changed my major to Psychology and have found it a much more rewarding subject.
I should address my first attempt at college, specifically the year I spent at GSU. My academic performance was abysmal, and my overall GPA still somewhat reflects it. I worked very hard to graduate from high school a year early. This was probably a mistake. I was immature, still figuring out what I wanted to do, and not prepared for the stress of a large university environment. Consequently, I skipped a lot of class, did very poor work on assignments—basically just wasted a year. After getting myself together and making some hard decisions about my future, I’ve made a much better go of it, and my academic performance reflects that. I am proud that, even while working full-time, I have been on the Dean’s List and earned an invitation to join Psi Chi.
I am fascinated with how the human mind works, and specifically how it breaks. Taking Abnormal Psychology, Psychopathology, and Developmental Psychopathology opened my eyes to how many ways our minds can malfunction, and, more interestingly, the factors that can lead to those malfunctions, as well as possible preventative measures and remedies. Also, the ways culture influences personality and cognition, especially reactivity and resilience, are interesting. For example, as the recent politic...

... middle of paper ... reality devices, seems an area ripe for further research. The exploration of novel therapy tools certainly falls in line with my interest in pop culture as a protective and/or resilience-enhancing factor. Similarly, Dr. Henrich’s work regarding the role self-image and social support play in adolescent issues, as well as the exploration of risk and protective factors, are in my area of interest.
The emphasis Georgia State University places on student involvement in research and education make it an ideal place to continue my education. The psychology department’s participation in community wellbeing through its partnership with facilities like the Beyond Words Center, Children’s Healthcare, and the Fulton County Jail Competency Restoration Unit, among others, is also impressive, and something I would like to be a part of.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

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