Summary Of College Is A Waste Of Time And Money

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In Caroline Bird’s “College is A Waste of Time and Money”, it’s argued that there are many college students who would be better off if they were to begin working after high school graduation. Colleges and universities can no longer ensure that one will go on to get a better job, getting paid more than they would have without a higher education. However, high school seniors still stress about where they will be attending college, how they’re going to pay for it and what they’re going to study for the next four years. Bird points out how college has changed over the past few decades and how, in turn, it has set many young adults up for disappointment, if nothing else. It seems as though the majority of college students these days aren’t looking to further their education because it’s what they really want, they do it to please their parents, to be accepted by society, or because there’s nothing else for them to do (Bird, 372). These expectations have led to students being unhappy and stressed, and have pushed them into a school or a job that they don’t particularly care for. I’ve been fortunate in the sense that my major is something that I’m extremely passionate about. They don’t teach much about psychology in high school…show more content…
There are people who love the idea of furthering their education, and becoming familiar and eventually experts in the field of their interest. It’s no longer just a place of learning, but it’s become a transition phase from high school to the real world. Bird puts this fact into a negative light, making it seem as though 18 year olds are gathered up and taken out of the real world for a few years before we’re finally let loose. This can be viewed negatively, but this time is necessary for a majority of young adults. They need time to figure themselves out and gradually build up to living on their own with all the responsibilities that come with being an
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