Personal Statement Of Psychology Is A Career Field Choice

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655 words

April Jennings
Psy 299
April 11, 2014
Personal Statement
Psychology is my number one career field choice. In many ways, it also reflects every other career choice that I have. Teachers lead our young toward successful lives. Government workers help to push policies that improve processes for their people. And professional athletes commit their live to the vast study of their sport and practice to master the skills needed to thrive and succeed. As a psychologist, I can see myself implementing all three of these ideas. I want to master all the skills of psychological diagnosis, improve on many of the processes of the practice, and be able to successfully educate individuals to the point that they feel a sense of empowerment.
Education is the key; however, learning the whole of psychology is no walk in the park. Information comes flooding in and the information learned evolves on a daily basis. To learn to exercise one’s clinical judgments to the best of their ability requires extensive research and practice which will be a lifelong endeavor. As a child, I became obsessed with dance and wanted to be the absolute best. I took classes every chance I could, read about the physical mechanics of dance and watched hundreds of videos on dance competitions. I may have grown up and no longer wish to be a star dancer but the principles I use are still the same. By devoted study and extensive practice, my goal is to become a psychologist who bases my work on evidence. One who receives knowledge through a clear understanding of an individual’s history, gives a thorough psychological and physical evaluation, and without bias, picks apart my own findings before subjecting an individual to any unneeded tests or treatments.
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...y life is my family. My personal goals are to be an understanding and devoted wife and mother with a life that is well rounded. As for my professional goal, I want to be a modest and well respected psychologist.
I believe that psychology is an excellent field of specialty. I desire a program that affords me the opportunity to learn and train in a well structured environment with professors that not only love to teach, but that will push me past my limits and into a greater knowledge and success. I am not only in need of a wonderful fit for my education, but I do need the best fit for the family that I am raising. As I am furthering my education to become a skilled professional, an advocate, and in some senses, an educator, I need a program that opens the possibility to bring together both my personal and professional aspirations into an undivided fulfilling career.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that psychology is their number one career field choice and reflects every other career choice that they have. teachers lead our young toward successful lives, government workers push policies that improve processes for their people, and professional athletes commit their lives to the vast study of their sport and practice.
  • Opines that learning psychology requires extensive research and practice, and that they want to become a psychologist who bases their work on evidence.
  • Opines that they are an analytical being, one who identifies a weakness, formulates plans of change, and takes initiative to make those changes.
  • Opines that education is the most crucial part of a person's care, and that they hope to master these skills to empower others to be in control of their own health and life.
  • Opines that they are drawn to psychology for another reason. their personal temperament fits well within the personalities of this field.
  • Opines that psychology is an excellent field of specialty, and that they need a program that will push them beyond their limits and into greater knowledge and success.
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