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It has been my lifelong dream to have a profound academic achievement. My personal goal is to become a Licensed Psychologist. Just recently I graduated from my Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix. This first step in my educational pursuit gave me the confidence that I can still fulfill my dream of becoming a psychologist. There are a few turns and road blocks in my educational trek; however, I never lose sight of my goal. I now, more than ever, intensified my passion for reaching my goal. I am taking it one stride at a time. My short term goal is to have a brilliant finish with my Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology at Walden University. My next step is to continue with my doctorate level with specialization …show more content…

I find self-satisfaction in successfully completing one course after another I achieved a GPA of 3.90 upon graduation. . My academic experience has taught me to manage my time between my job, my family, and my academic quest. I am a well-organized person, and I take my goals seriously Professional experience I served in the military for twenty-nine years. I retired from the United States Navy with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. I am very proud of my achievement in the service considering that I enlisted as an E-1, the lowest rank of an enlisted man. During my career in the military, I held various positions of responsibility that include; Chemical, Biological Warfare Officer, Engineering Plant Assessor and an Engineer Officer with one hundred eleven personnel working for me. It was managing my personnel that I became interested in psychology. As one of my duties is to take care of my personnel, I have to counsel my people when they come to me with their family problems, issues in their jobs, and performance evaluations. With my limited knowledge of psychology, I refer them to Navy counselors, financial experts, and Navy chaplains. It is the maturity, professionalism, and commitment that I learned from the Navy that will give me a solid foundation to further my academic …show more content…

My belief is that I can help some inmates gain a meaningful life after incarceration. And I can achieve this goal by giving them alternatives from their old ways of life. I will use my training to provide psychological assessment, guidance, and support. I am positive that the corrections function of the judicial system will benefit with my strong desire to rehabilitate inmates. . I have a very friendly, pleasant, and warm personality; however, I can maintain my professional boundaries and at the same time, build rapport with my clients as I have done before when I was an Engineer

In this essay, the author

  • Describes their lifelong dream of becoming a licensed psychologist. they graduated from their bachelor's degree in psychology from the university of phoenix.
  • Explains that their short term goal is to have a brilliant finish with their master's degree in forensic psychology at walden university.
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