Transition To College Essay By Diana Sanchez

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Diana Sanchez is currently working in journalism and formatting stories for the newspaper. Her college essay involved her racial identity and described her neighborhood as a “little town”. Her essay sent her straight to acceptance at both Iowa state University and Loyola. “Telling your story should be the end goal of your college essay” states Diana “It gives insight on how you might be contribute to the campus.” The transition to college wasn't simple in her Latino home, which Diana adds “My mom and I definitely bashed heads.” She elaborates on their opposing viewpoints of the effect of living farther away compared to living close by. “She … expected me to help her take care of my siblings as the oldest child” Diana claims. At first, she mutually agrees that she must help her divorced mother out and she says “ I applied to Loyola, hoping to please my mom.” …show more content…

“Unless you have a 4.0 GPA and a 36 ACT” ,she exclaims, “you are never guaranteed a full ride.” Instead, she focused on “out of school scholarships” which means scholarships for specific students not offered by colleges. Diana says, “ I applied to around 80 scholarships...won about 40 of those scholarships.” Also even with all those scholarships,She has $12,000 dollars in debt. This shows incoming freshmen that student debt will not be easy to avoid in college and that many students will have debt after college. She excelled in academics in high school and she urges freshmen to take, “rigorous courses...AP classes.” She suggest taking challenging classes, “It forced me to become more organized…. make the most out of the time I have in a day.” She also adds,“ in 15 minutes you can knock out vocabulary with flashcards instead of watching vines with people falling.” She supports this by encouraging freshmen to find a favorite study spot and as Diana points out,“At libraries, you have a lot of arm space to get elbow deep in your

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