Road To College Essay: The Road To College

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The Road to College Coming from a small town where farming and working right after high school is what everyone decides to do, I decided to further my education by going to college. College to some people isn’t even an option, most kids would follow up their families and go work for them or start helping out around their farms or in the family business. Not wanting to be stuck in my hometown for my young years or working right after school I started looking at colleges to get out and go do bigger and better things. Inspiring me to leave my town and go off to college was my parents but most importantly my sister, who was already in college and the first of my family to do so. While looking at colleges to attend I found a good paying job…show more content…
Not many people become successful with just a high school education unless they are born into wealth or have good connections. After hearing teachers and other adults preach this over time I started to realize college was a must for me and my situation. My parents told me all along to go to college so I wouldn’t end up like them since they both didn’t have a college education. Even though my parents didn’t have college degrees they still turned out alright but that was a different time period and in those times not many people attended college. Throughout my high school years they always told me that I needed to go to college so I wouldn’t have to go through what they did. At first I was hard headed to listen to them but after talking to other family members about their college experiences and what it did for them I started to understand the…show more content…
This was the path I was supposed to take, I felt like I needed to get out and prove everyone who doubted me about going to college wrong and not just some tech school a couple of minutes down the road or a school in my town. Majority of my classmates always made jokes about me not going to college and being the kid that peaked in high school. Not wanting to be known as that guy, I buckled down at the beginning of senior year and started making the moves needed to take that next step to go to college. Finding motivation in myself, I started to excel in my school work and put the pieces together. After taking the standardized test needed for college and filling out applications I started to receive feedback from colleges. This was a big motivation for me. A couple of months before this started happening I never would have thought I could make it to college and actually start doing things. Everyone who ever said I couldn’t do it was wrong. The feeling of proving everyone wrong and also the feeling of family members supporting me made me feel good about my
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