Leadership Theory And Practice Of Leadership Essay

Leadership Theory And Practice Of Leadership Essay

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Leadership Theory and Practice
Leadership is something that is really needed by all of the individual as well as to the organizations. The word leader has been derived from the leadership, which means a person that leads towards something so that the follower could achieve the goals. There are a number of the theories and the studies that have explored the importance of the leaders to the organization. The nations on the other side are also in need of someone who could lead them toward getting the goals. Leaders have the visions that are necessary for achieving the set destination. There is no place of the world where there is no need of leaders. It will be justified to say that due to leaders the hard and the difficult goals become simpler and easier to achieve. (Haslam, Reicher, & Platow, 2015)
There will be probably any sort of organization that achieved its goal of high profit without the assistance of the leaders. There is a need to take into consideration, the difference between the leader and the manager. Leader is a personality that leads the team, while the manager is the personality that manages the things by being at the back of the team. Both of the words speak about themselves and have their own values and the importance.
It is very necessary to distinguish both of them from each other so that everything could become clear to everybody. It will be the personality of the person that will show someone about the person that whether he will be a leader or not. There are many theories that have developed on this notion, like the Great Man theory that explains the behavior of the leaders and explains that they have the charismatic personality through which, they can influence the motivational level of the other person. (B...

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...with the leaders. The politicians like Nelson Mandela are considered to be the true leader of their nation because of their exceptional personality. They are the team leaders and have the ability to control the situation if anything goes wrong. They know how to control the conflict and what the best strategy is to be adopted. Leaders are the brain for any organization.
They need to have the required abilities to get the people attracted toward them. The authentic leaders are the ones that understand what they are going to say to the other persons. They have the complete control over their personality and do not want to hurt anybody in any case. They are the problem solver rather the problem creator. Whether it is the matter of business or educational institution or any other place, the leadership is necessary for making these entities successful in all the matters.

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