Essay on Happiness Is Not More Elusive Than Achieving It

Essay on Happiness Is Not More Elusive Than Achieving It

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What is happiness? Defining happiness can be more elusive than achieving it. Everyone wants to be happy, we all can say whether we are happy or not but can it really be defined? According to research, yes happiness can be defined in many ways according to each human being.
What makes human happy? Each person designed a life that they want to live therefore everyone is unique in a way. Some people say money makes them happy while others think otherwise. According to studies and research, we can surly say that family and friends contributed a big part to our happiness. Spending time with our love ones including family, partners and friends is one of the biggest factor to happiness because they are our supporting system. Having family and friends that love us for who we are is something special because they can see something in us that we can see for ourselves. These type of connections fulfill the basic human needs such as the needs for social connections with others of our kind and the need for personal growth which helps us learn to fully live and feel alive.
Another factor to happiness is being able to do what you love. They say “time flies when you’re having fun”, this quote explain happiness in a way because we are the happiest people when we are engaged in activities that’s meaningful to us. Often time we don’t really look at how fast time is flying because we are so into what we are doing whether it is playing sports, gardening, writing, or even reading. Doing what you are good at or love to do makes you lose yourself and lose track of time. This is good because it is a way to express yourself and see the good abilities you that you have. According to Abraham Maslow, he defines ‘self-actualization’ as an innate human motiva...

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...e to see that his family live in the home with and it was missing part of the side of it. In the movie he explained that sometimes when it rained, they would try to cover it with a sheet or plastic from letting it come in. That struck me because I live in a home with everything cover and not having to worry about things like that. This made me realized that life is too short to try and live better than other or try to be someone you not. I learned to appreciate life because the environment you live in and the people you surround yourself with are the people that help you become who you are.
In conclusion, being happy is a beautiful thing and happiness can be defined in many forms and ways. It can be through better health, giving back, and even doing things you love to do. So with that being said, try to live and make the memories with people that you won’t forget!

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